3 Treatments to Help for the Perfect Beach Body

Summer is never too far away and this means having your body ready to hit the beach should always be a priority. But even if you don’t enjoy the coastal life, having a body to be proud of is a great privilege that unfortunately not everyone has. There is no “perfect” body; you are only as perfect as you feel and for many people out there, being out of shape is not the idea of perfect.

Which is why treatments like Coolsculpting, Cooltone, and Sculptra NYC practitioners’ most popular body contouring and curve enhancement procedures, are so popular nowadays. They are great at creating a picturesque figure, toning all the right places, and bringing out those gorgeous curves that are so popular right now. 

Knowing about these three could help you prepare for the next time you want to show off your body. Each of them handles a specific task and is meant to provide their own separate results in the journey to achieving a satisfactory self-image. 


The Coolsculpting body contouring treatment is nothing short of amazing. It’s a one-of-a-kind procedure which reduces fat in specific areas of the body without causing any harm to it whatsoever. The way the procedure works is quite interesting and it takes advantage of the body’s own natural processes to bring out some truly breathtaking results.

First, we must understand what fat buildup actually is. It is a large collection of fat cells concentrated in different areas of the body and under the skin. Places that are prone to fat buildup include but are not limited to the stomach, thighs, hips, forearms, under the chin, chest, back, and waste. While plenty of people out there live perfectly comfortable lives with a bit of extra fat in these areas, for many others, this fat becomes both a mental and physical barrier to achieving the body image of their choice.

Coolsculpting freezes these fat cells, causing them to die out one by one. Fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures; in the case of Coolsculpting, this is around 12 degrees Fahrenheit or -11 Celsius. When exposed to this temperature long enough, the fat cells go into apoptosis, a process during which the cells are damaged beyond repair and must be removed by the body itself. 

With every cell detaching from the rest of the body one after the other, the fat clump begins to shrink until the fat in that area is significantly reduced, to the point where you can see the difference on the surface. This is not a fast process, however, and it takes months for the body to do this. But, it is a completely natural process, does not require any injections or incisions, leaving little to no room for side effects or allergic reactions.

If there is a bit of excess fat you wish to get rid of without having to spend hours at the gym on a daily basis, Coolsculpting is your answer.


While the name “Cooltone” sounds very similar to “Coolsculpting”, the two treatments work in a completely different manner. While Coolsculpting focuses on the fat cells, Cooltone focuses on the muscles. Granted, Cooltone can also have some effect on the fat cells, but nowhere near as effectively as Coolsculpting.

Instead, Cooltone sculpts, strengthens, and tones the muscles, as the name implies. When you do exercises, be it at home or the gym, what you are doing on a purely physical level is contracting and straining the muscles. With these contractions, the body realizes that these muscles are being used a lot more often, so it allots more of its resources to them, hence why muscles get bigger and stronger.

This is normally done through regular exercise. What Cooltone does is use this to its advantage by making your muscles contract in a similar manner as when you exercise, but at super speeds. So, imagine doing 10,000 crunches in one sitting. That is, needless to say, a lot of exercise.

As a result of these contractions, which are created by Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS), the muscles get visibly bigger, they feel stronger, and most of all: toned. This means they look sculpted, even ripped, perfectly outlined with those impressive lines. From six-packs, to back muscles, and even the pecks; Cooltone makes it happen.


A very important aspect of the healthy modern body is curves. Now, you can be perfectly healthy without them, obviously, but they are just so attractive. Thanks to how much of a trend body curvature is, there is a line of cosmetic treatments meant to enhance the curvature of the posterior and Sculptra is one of the best treatments in this category.

You can find lots of cosmetic centers across the country that perform the Sculptra procedure, like Skinly Aesthetics, located in Manhattan. According to them, Sculptra has become a huge hit among New Yorkers who are looking to enhance their curves, whether it be for the summer or for the simple sake of looking good in the mirror.

Sculptra is a procedure that uses a set of injections to enhance the curvature of the posterior. These injections contain a special gel which promotes collagen formation in a designated area of the body, collagen being an important protein that strengthens the skin and other connective tissues. With this extra collagen, the volume in the area of the buttocks increases, creating a naturally rounded shape and a beautiful curve.

Many patients are always worried about curvature enhancements, thinking they will look fake. But you have to see it to believe it; Sculptra works its magic and you can hardly tell the difference from a naturally curvy figure. Another great treatment for those looking to achieve that beach-ready appearance in time for summer, a vacation, or for the simple sake of loving what they see in the mirror.

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