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5 LDS Housewarming Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for an easy excuse to introduce yourself and welcome a new family to the neighborhood, a housewarming gift is always going to be a good idea. Who doesn’t like getting a little something special to celebrate the big move?

Here are our top five favorite LDS housewarming gift ideas, perfect for just about anyone that you’re looking to give for!

1. Temple Art

At the top of our list is temple art. Whether it’s a temple where they took out their endowments, where they got sealed, where they served their mission or just the closest temple to where they live, everyone has a temple that is special to them that they would like to display in their home.

Seagull Book’s LDS temple art has a great variety, making it easy to find something that they’ll love. Get something framed or find a great print and cute frame to complete the gift.

2. Date Night Kit

Do you know who could really use a date night?

A couple that just moved into a new house.

Between the packing, the moving, the unpacking, all while tending to children and taking care of things at work, moving can get pretty stressful, and a date night is going to be a much-needed reprieve!

Put together a cute date night basket for the couple. Some popcorn, movie candy, and a gift card for a movie rental service will be perfect. Maybe throw in a card game to top it all off!

3. Food Delivery Gift Card

Along the same lines as needing a date night, a family that has just barely moved into a new home should not have to worry about making dinner. A food delivery gift card would be the perfect gift for the day they move or at least one of the evenings during that first week. Knowing that dinner will be taken care of is going to give a lot of peace of mind.

4. A Family Set of Scriptures

Whether it’s a couple or a family with multiple children, a family set of scriptures is a wonderful LDS housewarming gift. Whether it’s a large book that everyone can read at the same time or a smaller set that can be passed around after dinner or during Family Home Evening, this is a sure winner.

5. A Floral Arrangement

Who doesn’t love a vase of fresh flowers to put on their table or countertop? Order a floral arrangement and hand-deliver it so that you can meet face to face. Come with a handwritten note that you can leave with the flowers in case you get there at a time when they’re not home or unable to answer the door.

Giving a meaningful housewarming gift can be just the thing to establish a connection with your new neighbor. Determine what kind of LDS housewarming gift you want to give and get it ready for delivery!

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