5 Signs You Should Marry Your Boyfriend

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to get married. However, not all of them are the right reasons. If you find yourself with someone and you’re wondering whether it’s time to walk down the aisle or not, then here are some signs that relationship experts claim serve as good indications.

You Don’t Hold Grudges

Most relationship experts agree that even the happiest couples have arguments. The sign of a healthy relationship isn’t the absence of conflict, but rather the ability to let things go quickly.

If you and your partner can manage to move on from conflict without grudges, then this is already a great sign that you found the right person for you. It’s all about being open to disagreements, but also open to resolution.

You Laugh Together

Laughter is one of the ultimate signs that you found your match. Since not everybody has the same humor, finding someone that you can laugh with is a huge indication of compatibility. 

Although many of us dream about romance and intensity, one of the biggest indicators of a long lasting relationship is laughter. Find someone that can make you giggle every day, and you’ll never get bored in life.

You Talk Openly About Your Bodies

Let’s face it, sometimes our bodies can be a curious place. Whether it’s an illness, or embarrassing moment during intimacy, being a human can have its humbling moments.  For this reason, many people may try to hold things back from their partner out of embarrassment. The right person for you is someone you’re not afraid to talk about your body with, and you feel totally at ease being yourself physically. 

The honeymoon phase can only last for so long, so when you feel totally comfortable around someone the same as you would be in only your own presence, you know you’ve found a person you can marry.

You Have the Same Outlook on Life

Although they say opposites attract, ultimately, opposite outlooks on life can have a disastrous outcome. After a while, what might seem alluring about your partner can seem downright obnoxious. Although you don’t necessarily need to have the exact same opinions on life as a whole, you should have the same overall outlook. When your views are aligned, so is your direction in life. 

You’ve Made it Through Conflict

When you say your vows, you will promise to stay by each other’s sides through thick and thin, through better or for worse. If you’ve only lived through good moments with your partner and haven’t yet survived difficult moments together, then you don’t know if you can truly commit to them forever or not. 

The true test of whether you should get married is when you’re able to withstand difficult moments together and come out stronger than before

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