6 Types of Shower Heads To Give Your Shower an Overhaul

A shower head is one of the smallest fixtures in a bathroom but can have a huge impact on style and function. Simply replacing an older showerhead with a trendy option can make a surprising difference in bathroom aesthetics. A new style can also add features that turn showering into a luxury experience. 

Suppliers offer a vast array of options with features that include aromatherapy, music, a rainfall experience, and adjustable settings. Some products help conserve water, and there are models that are ideal for smaller spaces. 

1. The Rainfall Showerhead Is a Hit

Without a doubt, the rainfall showerhead is the most popular, and suppliers offer a range of styles. As the name suggests, rainfall models simulate the feeling of gentle rain, creating a pleasant, relaxing feeling.

Another benefit of this style is that suppliers offer a variety of choices, and new designs are constantly being introduced. Design specialists are always aware of the latest trends and can help homeowners choose a rainfall showerhead to suit their needs. An Internet search for “Bathroom Designers Near Me” will generate a list of professionals who can help.

Professionals might suggest an elegant ceiling-mounted version for clients who can run plumbing in their ceilings. Suppliers also provide various wall-mounted models that are ideal for standard plumbing.

2. A Bluetooth Model Adds Entertainment

According to Popular Mechanics, homeowners who enjoy music while showering can combine both by installing a Bluetooth showerhead. shoppers can find a shower head that includes a waterproof Bluetooth speaker capable of providing hours of playtime. The speaker can be removed for charging or so it may be enjoyed in another location.

3. Relax Under an Aromatherapy Showerhead

Good Housekeeping experts recommend an aromatherapy showerhead for those who want a spa experience without a major remodel. Suppliers offer a model that uses capsules of essential oils to infuse the water with various scents. The capsules are sold separately and include scents like pine, lavender, citrus, and berry.

4. Adjustable Dual Models offer Convenience

Replacing a single showerhead with a dual system can add a stylish upgrade to the bathroom and provide a luxurious experience. Dual systems include both a fixed showerhead and a handheld feature. Suppliers offer a wide range of styles.

For example, you can find products that include an overhead rainfall showerhead with an adjustable handheld shower. You may also choose a wide, two-in-one showerhead with a pull-out wand that integrates directly into the overhead fixture. It includes a six-foot hose for convenience and is ideal for small showers.

5. Save Water with a Low-Flow Model

If you want a budget-friendly replacement for a single, wall-mounted showerhead, you can find a “green” water-saving option with a designer look that provides a trendy touch. It’s eco-friendly and small enough to fit into the tiniest shower.

6. An eTouch Showerhead Suits Everyone’s Tastes

A showerhead with several easy-to-use settings is perfect for a family. You can find an eTouch model that anyone can use to change settings.   Simply touch the rim to switch between functions ranging from massage to mist.

Changing showerheads is a quick and easy way to increase a bathroom’s function and add style. Suppliers offer a range of options that include low-flow, rainfall, and eTouch styles. Shoppers can also opt for a model that provides aromatherapy and various dual models that include an overhead and handheld option.

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