light hearted book club books

9 Light Hearted Book Club Books for Women

When it comes to book club, sometimes all you need is some fun, engaging and light hearted escapism.

So to help you decide on your next group read, we’ve selected some of the best light hearted book club books, featuring something for everyone!

Light Hearted Book Club Books

light hearted book club books

We’ve selected a range of light hearted reads, ideal for getting together with women of all ages and indulging in some light and fluffy literature.

1) The Devil Wears Prada

Written by Lauren Weisberger 


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You may have seen the movie, but have you ever read the book? Lauren Weisberger’s debut novel, The Devil Wears Prada is one of the very best light hearted pieces of fiction.

This addictive novel is relatable to anyone who has ever felt the strains of a difficult boss or demanding job!

The story follows Andrea, a graduate who lands a job working for powerful magazine editor Miranda Priestly. But is it the job of her dreams, or is it a nightmare?

Written in the early 2000s, this immersive novel stands the test of time, while igniting that fuzzy feeling of nostalgia.

Get Devil Wears Prada here on Amazon.


2) Class Mom

Written by Laurie Gelman 

The next book on our list of light hearted book club books is Class Mom by Laurie Gelman – the perfect novel if your book club features mothers who have experienced school politics at its worst!

The story follows Jen, an older mom who is experiencing motherhood for the third time round.

When Jen’s best friend – who is also the school’s PTA president – asks her to become ‘class mom’ for her child’s kindergarten class, Jen agrees…and the chaos unfolds!

Find Class Mom here on Amazon!


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3) The Lido

Written by Libby Page


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Libby Page’s debut feel-good novel is one of our top recommendations if you’re looking for light hearted book club books.

The Lido follows 26 year old Kate and 86 year old Rosemary, whose paths cross when Kate – a cub reporter working on small stories – is asked to write about the closing of a local lido.

Rosemary has been swimming at the lido since it first opened when she was a child – it’s also where she met her husband, George and has found comfort swimming in following his passing.

As Kate pieces together the stories that have shaped the lido over the decades, a heartwarming tale of community and friendship begins to blossom.


4) The Girlfriend

Written by Michelle Frances 

Next on our list of the best light hearted book club books is The Girlfriend, an engaging novel that has all the makings of a great piece of chick lit, intertwined with the intrigue and suspense of a thriller.

This light hearted, yet gripping story will hold your attention from start to finish. A complicated tale of deceit, The Girlfriend following Laura, her son and his new girlfriend, Cherry.

When Laura meets her son’s girlfriend, she suspects she’s not all that she seems. And when tragedy strikes, an unforgivable lie follows – one that changes their lives forever.

Expect juicy revelations and moments of suspense that will keep you up all night!


5) Bridget Jones’ Diary

Written by Helen Fielding 

Bridget Jones’ Diary is a classic when it comes to books written for women…and it’s easy to see why.

To readers who have read Bridget Jones in the past, revisiting the book in 2020 feels warm and nostalgic, but Helen Fielding’s laugh-out-loud book is sure to win over readers from a new generation too.

Perfect for book club, this engaging story is written in an addictive diary format, inviting readers to step into the world of Bridget Jones, a 30-something single woman who is constantly on a mission of self-improvement in all areas of her life.

There are few books that are more relatable, charming and funny than Bridget Jones’ Diary, available to buy here.


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6) The Bromance Book Club

Written by Lyssa Kay Adams 


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What better choice for book club than a book about book club?! The Bromance Book Club is a rom com story with a twist: this unique love story is told from a man’s perspective.

The plot follows Gavin Scott, the Nashville Legends second baseman, who finds his marriage is in trouble and realises it’s up to him to win back the trust of his wife.

Gavin soon finds himself in the “Bromance Book Club”, where Nashville’s alpha males gather to read romantic novels in a bid to understand women better.

This sweet, fun and light hearted novel has been a hit with readers since its release, winning fans over with its witty one liners and heartfelt narrative.

Get your copy of this uplifting book here on Amazon.


7) I’ve Got Your Number

Written by Sophie Kinsella 

Sophie Kinsella is one of the very best when it comes to writing consistently good ‘chick lit’, so we had to include one of our favourites on our list of the best light hearted book club books.

I’ve Got Your Number follows Poppy Wyatt, who is about to marry her ideal man – but in an unexpected turn of events, Poppy loses her engagement ring and her phone during a fire drill.

When she picks up someone else’s phone in the midst of the chaos, Poppy is thrown into the world of Sam Roxton, a businessman who just wants his phone back, but whose life soon becomes entangled in hers…


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8) Something Borrowed

Written by Emily Giffin

Something Borrowed is the perfect rom com, mixing romance, friendship and drama all in one addictive page-turner.

The story centres around the friendship of Rachel and Darcy, whose worlds are turned upside down when Rachel ends up having a one-night fling with Darcy’s fiancé.

As Darcy’s wedding approaches, Rachel is forced to confront the feelings she’s been hiding, and make one of the hardest decisions of all.

Giffin’s debut novel is one that we’d recommend to any book club looking for something light, gripping and heartwarming.


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9) A Quiet Kind of Thunder

Written by Sara Barnard 


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Last but not least on our list is Sara Barnard’s A Quiet Kind of Thunder, a unique love story that will sweep you off your feet.

Steffi, who has been a selective mute for most of her life is assigned to look after Rhys, the new boy at school. Coincidently, Rhys is deaf and relies on sign language for communication, which is something Steffi has a basic understanding of.

Unlike Steffi’s other classmates, it doesn’t matter to Rhys that Steffi doesn’t talk, and the pair find ways to communicate that see their relationship blossom into a heartwarming connection.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best light hearted book club books for ladies! You can find this recommended book here on Amazon.

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