Benefits of Multivitamins

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy. Just eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep. However, most of the time, this is mainly a theory. Most people find it challenging to get enough sleep because of how hectic life becomes at times. Moreover, eating healthy can be tricky when you can’t find time to make that healthy meal. The same case applies to exercise. Working for top law firms such as  or those at Ankin Law Office can demand a lot of your time but with huge rewards. Regardless of the time you work, you should still make time for a healthy lifestyle.

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Hence, as a result, most people turn to multivitamins to supply the extra nutrients their bodies need to stay healthy. Multivitamins are supplements that contain numerous vitamins, minerals and may also contain other ingredients. Below are some of the benefits of multivitamins.

Healthy Heart

Studies show that taking multivitamins can reduce one’s risk of developing heart diseases. However, women benefit more than men in this regard.

The Physicians’ Health Study II done between the year 1997 and 2011, revealed that women who took multivitamins for three years had lessened their risk of dying from heart diseases by 35%.

However, according to Healthline, there is mixed evidence showing that multivitamins are suitable for the heart. While some pieces of evidence support the use of multivitamins to better heart’s health and prevent heart diseases, other studies dispute the idea. Thus, it is safe to say that the findings are mixed. Nevertheless, there is no harm in taking the multivitamins.

Improve Memory

As you age, your body loses the ability to absorb nutrients from food efficiently. Additionally, older people tend to have various health conditions which deplete their bodies’ nutrients fast. Hence, the multivitamins come handy. One of the effects of ageing is memory loss. Studies have shown that regular intake of multivitamins improves brain function.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

According to Harvard Health Publishing, multivitamins reduce the risk of developing cancer by 8%.

The study conducted among 14,000 males aged 50 years and above, found that regular intake of multivitamins can significantly lower the risk of developing cancer. According to the research, the daily intake of multivitamins can reduce cancer risk by up to 8% for 11 consecutive years.

Nevertheless, the researchers who conducted the study advised that one needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle in addition to taking multivitamins.

Better Vision

Regular intake of multivitamins can significantly improve your eyes’ health if you have vision problems. Vitamins such as A, C, E, B3 and selenium are vital vitamins for eye health. People with eye problems lack these vitamins, which is why they suffer from eye problems. Luckily, multivitamins have these and other vital vitamins that your body needs to function optimally.

Furthermore, regular intake of multivitamins can reduce the risk of developing eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Taking multivitamins can significantly boost your health. However, it is more efficient to take vitamins that your body needs than to take multivitamins blindly. To find out which vitamin your body needs, consult a doctor and get a comprehensive assessment regarding your vitamin needs.

Also, be sure to get your doctor’s advice before taking the multivitamins, especially when taking some medication. Some medication may not go well with multivitamins.


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