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The Best Podcasts for Women: From Comedy to Pop Culture and Wellbeing

Browse our selection of the best podcasts for women and find the right podcast for your morning commute, walk to work or to getting through your daily errands.

From the best female comedy podcasts, to insightful interviews, pop culture references and conversations surrounding mental health, our round up of the best podcasts for women has something for everyone!

So take a browse of the best podcasts for women…

Best Podcasts for Women

1) How to Fail

Hosted by Elizabeth Day


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Topic/themes: Positivity, celebrating failures, relationships, careers

Recommendation: Season 6, episode 1 with Camilla Thurlow

If you’re searching for a podcast that will inspire you, move you and entertain you, then How to Fail is calling your name.

This engaging podcast is hosted by award-winning journalist and author Elizabeth Day, featuring a range of guests, from former Love Island contestant and humanitarian worker Camilla Thurlow, to the talented creator of Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.


2) You’re Booked

Hosted by Daisy Buchanan

best podcasts for women

Topic/themes: An inside look at the bookshelves of famous guests

Recommendation: Season 4, David Nicholls

The perfect podcast for ladies who love to read, You’re Booked is hosted by Daisy Buchanan, who asks guests to share their first ever books, from teenage favourites to impressive hardbacks.

Buchanan also explores how her guests first fell in love with reading. This is the ideal podcast for your morning commute to ease you into the day!


3) The High Low

Hosted by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes


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Topic/themes: Weekly pop-culture and news. A mix of high brow and low brow topics

Recommendation: 15th October 2019, A Deep-Dive Into Wagatha Christie

Hosted by journalists/authors Dolly Alderton and Panodra Sykes, The High Low is the UK’s number 1 women’s podcast, covering society’s most trivial headlines to the complexities of politics, social media and news headlines.

Expect to feel more informed and entertained after every episode. Definitely one of the best podcasts for women who are looking for a balance between light laughs and interesting debates.


4) Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Hosted by Anna Faris


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Topic/themes: Relationships, advice, celebrity stories, comedy

Recommendation: Episode 62, Lauren Graham

Anna Faris is Unqualified is without a doubt one of the best podcasts for women who are trying to get into podcasts.

Hosted by The House Bunny actress Anna Faris, this comedic podcast is one of the best female comedy podcasts out there.

Faris offers listeners unqualified advice with the help of her fantastic range of guests, from Gilmore Girls‘ Lauren Graham to Scream Queens star Emma Roberts.


5) Happy Place

Hosted by Fearne Cotton


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Topic/themes: Mental health, mindfulness, happiness

Recommendation: Hillary Rodham Clinton & Chelsea Clinton, 13th November 2019

Happy Place is hosted by presenter, author and Mind charity ambassador Fearne Cotton, as she chats candidly to a wide range of celebrities and famous figures, covering life, love, loss and everything in-between.

Engaging, encouraging and uplifting. Ideal for long train journeys or a relaxing weekend walk.


6) All Killa No Filla

Hosted by Rachel Fairburn & Kiri Pritchard


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Topic/themes: Serial killers…and also comedy!

Recommendation: Fred and Rose West

Hosted by comedians and friends Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard, All Killa No Filla is a must-listen for women who love crime podcasts but also need a little laughter along the way.


7) Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

Hosted by Bryony Gordon

best podcasts for women

Topic/themes: Mental health, advice

Recommendation: Prince Harry, April 16th 2017

Bryony Gordon’s Mad World is another of the best podcasts for women, especially those who struggle with mental health or wish to deepen their understanding of it.

Hosted by journalist and author Bryony Gordon, immerse yourself in intimate conversations about getting unwell and getting better, with guests including Prince Harry.


8) Open Mind

Hosted by Frankie Bridge


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Topic/themes: Mental health, societal pressures and where to find support

Recommendation: Mollie King, 8 October 2019

One of the newer podcasts on our list of the best podcasts for women, make sure you don’t miss Open Mind with Frankie Bridge, former star of The Saturdays.

In this insightful podcast, Bridge delves into her own mental health journey, while also interviewing friends and celebrity guests, including fellow Saturdays bandmate Mollie King and author of a range of wonderful books, Giovanna Fletcher.


9) Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Hosted by Giovanna Fletcher

Topic/themes: The highs, lows and hilarity of parenthood, with advice and reassurance

Recommendation: Katherine Jenkins, 9 July 2019

This much-loved podcast amongst parents, particularly mothers, is hosted by British author, vlogger and presenter Givoanna Fletcher.

Fletcher is also the wife of McFly singer Tom Fletcher – who often features in her online content.

In the podcast, Fletcher covers the expectation to be ‘perfect’ as a mother, and delves into the highs and lows of parenthood.


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10) The Calmer You Podcast

Hosted by Chloe Brotheridge


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Topic/themes: Anxiety, self-esteem, confidence, nutrition, body image, relationships and careers

Recommendation: Episode 42, Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life with Professor Paul Dolan

The Calmer You Podcast hosted by anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge is one of the best podcasts for women, especially for ladies who need some downtime during the day.

An ideal podcast for a soothing lunch break or mindful walk, Chloe and her guests offer advice on anxiety, finding purpose, changing careers and how to embrace self love.


11) Work in Progress

Hosted by Sophia Bush


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Topic/themes: Feminism, politics and self love

Recommendation: Episode 1, Gloria Steinem

Feminist, activist and former One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush covers politics, careers and why we’re all allowed to be a ‘work in progress’ in this engaging and chatty podcast.


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12) Millennial Love

Hosted by Olivia Petter (The Independent)


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Topic/themes: Dating, relationships, advice and dating disasters

Recommendation: Dolly Alderton on dating in your 20s and female friendship, 2 February 2018

This is one of the best podcasts for women who are using dating apps and braving going on dates in the digital age.

The laugh-out-loud podcast delves into first date disasters, the importance of female friendship and covers a wide range of topics around self esteem and relationships.


13) How to Own the Room

Hosted by Viv Groskop


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Topic/themes: Public speaking, confidence and how to own the room

Recommendation: Julie Andrews, 14 November 2019

Hosted by comedian, radio and TV presenter Viv Groskop, How to Own the Room is an encouraging podcast, where Viv chats to an array of inspiring ladies about how they manage to own the room.

Guests have included the iconic Julie Andrews, writer Margaret Atwood,  Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain and documentary filmmaker Stacey Dooley.


14) Beauty Full Lives

Hosted by Madeleine Spencer


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Topic/themes: Self-love, adolescence, beauty rituals, make up and skin care

Recommendation: Caroline Hirons, 14 May 2019

Beauty Full Lives is one of the best podcasts for women who love all things beauty.

Hosted by journalist Madeleine Spencer, guests are invited to share beauty rituals, reflect on challenges they’ve experienced throughout their lives and share beauty secrets and recommendations.


15) Hear to Slay

Hosted by Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom


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Topic/themes: Black feminism, politics, pop culture

Recommendation: Power Moves, season 1 episode 30

If you’re looking for a podcast to inspire and inform you, look no further than Here to Slay, hosted by Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom.

This informing and entertaining podcast has featured a wide range of guests, including journalists, comedians and writers.


16) Sex Money Power

Hosted by Sara Pascoe


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Topics/themes: Comedy, feminism, stigmas

Recommendation: Charlotte Rose & Eliza Harper, episode 1

In this unique podcast, comedian Sara Pascoe tackles the stigmas surrounding women and sex.

Sara interviews a range of fascinating people who have experience around sex work. The podcast is an accompaniment to her book of the same title.


17) With Whit

Hosted by Whitney Port


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Topic/themes: Motherhood, feminism, business, self-care

Recommendation: How I Show Up for Myself, episode 18

One of the world’s first ever reality tv stars, Whitney Port is a former cast member of The Hills and now a mother, author, designer and podcast host!

With Whit is the perfect easy listen for mothers, aspiring businesswomen and ladies who love self-care, nutrition and wellbeing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best podcasts for women!

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