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Career Woman Tips – How Hard Working Women Manage Their Time

Being a career woman doesn’t mean sacrificing your life outside of the office! Many hard-working women maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is always best to avoid getting injured at work so that you can keep your career in full flow.

So, how do they do it? Our handy guide to career woman tips will help you to manage your time, so you have the perfect balance of work, fun and family time.

How to Balance Being a Career Woman

1) Prioritise your to-do list

Prioritising your to-do list can truly change your life. It’s easy to get stressed thinking about a long to-do list, but once you prioritise you’ll learn to accept that some things can simply wait!

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Prioritise tasks with a deadline based on their due date. Anything without a deadline should wait patiently at the bottom of your list, unless it’s something small that you can manage to squeeze in. Time management services are extremely important when working for companies such as who require you to be efficient in all your work and maintain a high quality service for clients.

2) Talk to the women around you

Chances are, you’re surrounded by hard working women at work and when you catch up with friends, so make the most of your connections by learning from them!

Chat to the ladies around you about how they manage their time as a career woman, wife, mother and all round busy woman, and you’ll have a wealth of experience and advice right at your fingertips.

3) Delegate where possible

It may not always be possible – but when it is – make sure you delegate tasks that you don’t really need to be doing yourself.

If you can delegate pieces of work or chores at home, make sure you do. You can’t do everything on your own without risking burn out, so use the support around you.

4) Take your lunch breaks

If you’re someone who tends to work through lunch, it’s time to stop. Use your lunch breaks to take a breather, listen to an uplifting podcast, meet a friend or just sit and reflect.

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Your lunch break is yours for the taking! So make sure you do. You’ll thank yourself later for that hour of bliss.

5) Put your phone down

Having technology around us all day every day can get overwhelming, so make sure you take some time to put your phone down and switch off from work-related messages or calls.

You can still be a hard working career woman without being available for co-workers or clients 24/7. It’s all about balance!

6) Plan ahead with friends & family

Being a ‘career woman’ means you don’t always have time free for last minute drinks with friends or family get-togethers. Our advice for this is to try and plan ahead where possible.

Create groups chats to make communication easier, so you can plan family meals, nights out with friends or even just catch ups over coffee in advance. This way, you wont feel like you’re missing out and you’ll always have things to look forward to.

7) Take it in turns to plan date night

Similarly, hard working women in relationships often have to plan ahead for date nights. Whether that means picking a day to go for a meal or simply a night to have a cosy evening with films and food.

Take it in turns to plan date night, so if one of you has a lot on, the other can take the lead with organising what you’re going to do. Being a career woman doesn’t mean you have to miss out on romance!

8) Make time for self-care

Making time for self-care is essential for hard working women, so if you’re a career woman who lets work and errands take over, it’s time to schedule in a couple of hours a week for some self-care.

Whether you use your alone time to work out, cook a nutritious meal, take up a hobby, read a book or relax in the bath, the choice is yours, because this time is for you. Keeping up with self-care will ensure you continue being the powerful career woman you are, with more energy and focus than ever.


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9) Ask for help!

Sometimes it’s best to swallow your pride and reach out to loved ones or colleagues when you need help. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help out with a project, chore, or even child care when you strike up the courage to ask.

Being a strong career woman doesn’t mean you can’t rely on others to help lift you up. And you can always return the favour when you’re not busy being a fabulous, well-rounded career woman!

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