Diamonds Vs Gold: Which Is Better for Engagement Rings?

When planning your engagement rings you can find a lot of options in the market. Two of the most popular choices would be gold and diamond. Both wonderful gems and metals of their own and are also very popular. You can buy necklaces in a variety of metals if you would like to match with an engagement ring.

Which is better gold or diamond? What should you consider when choosing a precious metal or gem? What are the perks of each gem and precious metal?

It’s hard to choose between two of these lovely precious gems and metals. Below are simple tips to help you decide which one to pick. Remember that the final decision is still in your hands.

Perks of Getting Gold or Diamond Engagement Rings

When choosing precious gems or metals as engagement rings Vancouver jewelry offers options. What you need to decide on is which gem or metal to go for. Both gold and diamond are impressive stones of their own.  You only have to figure out which one works best for you.

Gold Engagement Rings

Gold, particularly rose gold is very romantic. The shade itself is very charming and shows the color of love. Engagement rings are symbols of love which is why some prefer gold to be the centerpiece of their rings.

  • The uniqueness of gold appeals to many
  • Not only that but gold is also trendy and durable
  • Gold is actually less prone to damages and wear and tear
  • They are good at resisting scratches and dents than other metals
  • Gold doesn’t tarnish and looks better in the long run
  • Gold can complement any skin tone when you wear it

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are also a favorite in the engagement and wedding ring scene. This is because of their shine and brilliance elements. They make the rings stand out and more noticeable than gold. When you find the right diamond setting, it will make your ring look regal and expensive.

  • Diamonds are durable as well and some say even last forever
  • You can customize diamonds and still pay a reasonable price for them
  • Wearing diamonds can suit any occasion
  • Diamonds are of high quality and one of the best choices for long term jewelry pieces
  • Diamonds are perfect for those who want to stick with the classic engagement rings

Which Option Should You Go For?

Both gold and diamonds have their own benefits. You have to weigh in certain factors such as your budget and what you and your partner want. The important thing is your rings will boost your esteem, self-confidence, and love. Remember that engagement rings are symbols of how you feel for each other. You have to pick one that you feel confident in presenting to your significant other.

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