Diaper Bags: Packing for Your First Trip

As a first-time mom, packing a diaper bag for your very first trip can take the excitement off of the trip itself and turn into an overwhelming task that seems more intimidating than anything else. The fear of forgetting something, not packing enough, or even knowing where to start can all seem scary to a first-time mama on her first trip with a baby. You are not alone. Most first-time moms don’t know how to pack a diaper bag and lean on fellow mamas for advice. If you find yourself in the same situation, here’s a rundown of all of the basics you’ll need. 

Lightweight diaper bag

Traveling with a baby, luggage, and a diaper bag is a lot to lug around and can be really exhausting on your arms and back. Diaper bags from Ergobaby are comfortable to wear as a backpack so that you are able to have both hands free to carry baby. Even though these diaper backpacks are lightweight, they are roomy enough to carry all of your baby’s necessities, as well as yours so you don’t have to worry about a purse. 


Obviously, you need diapers but how many? Newborns normally go through eight to twelve diapers per day. If you’re planning on traveling with baby all day, make sure to pack at least 12 to 15 and you can toss the rest of the pack(s) in your luggage. Along with diapers, don’t forget to pack two packs of wipes. Moms easily go through wipes since they’re the go-to to clean up any messes, not just diaper messes. 

Change of clothes

You never know when an accident will happen so it’s better to stay ready for it especially when traveling. Whether it’s a spill, your newborn soils themselves leaking into their outfit, or some other disaster, it’s best to always have a change of clothes to clean up whatever mess occurs. One or two extra onesies is always a must anytime you leave the house.

Changing pad and disposable bags

Diaper changes can be so inconvenient if you find yourself in an area where you can’t lay baby comfortably or there isn’t a nearby trash can around to throw the soiled diapers. By bringing your own changing pad, you can lay baby anywhere safely. By bringing your own disposable bags, you don’t have to worry about trying to find a trash can for dirty diapers. You can simply store the soiled diapers in the bag until you’re able to find somewhere to dispose of them. 

And since we’re on the topic of diaper changes, don’t forget to pack some sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer. You should sanitize your hands before and after diaper changing as well as, sanitize your changing pad and the surface you’re placing it on (if it’s wipeable). 

Diaper cream

Traveling can get a little rough at times and sometimes that means not being able to change your baby’s diaper each time they soil themselves. Therefore, using a diaper cream to prevent a rash comes in handy. There’s nothing worse than a diaper rash so it’s best to avoid it at all costs but sometimes things aren’t in our control and a diaper change may be delayed. 

Loveys and toys

Baby’s usually get attached to a lovey. Baby snuggle blankets at Presley Couture are some of the softest blankets and should be used for baby to give them something to snuggle up to when traveling. A rattle or a couple of other baby toys may keep your newborn entertained if they are in that stage so don’t overpack the toys, just bring one they can play with if the mood strikes. 


If you’re breastfeeding, formula isn’t something you would worry about. However, if your baby is getting formula, make sure you pack enough for feeding throughout the day. It’s best to be safe than sorry so it’s easier to pack the whole pack of formula with you so that you don’t have to worry whether or not it will be sufficient. If you’re breastfeeding, bringing a couple of frozen packs of your breastmilk in a cold storage pack may be a good idea if the stress of traveling has decreased your milk supply. 

Burp cloths

Newborns tend to spit up a lot more so having a few burp cloths saves you from reusing the same smelling one over and over. Also, some spit-ups may be worse than others so having some clean backups will make you so relieved. 

These are just the basics. If your little one requires other necessities such as medications or other items, make sure to pack those items. If you feel like you will need something that is not on this list, take it. It will put your mind at ease.  

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