Do You Need to Wash Your Raincoat?

A perfectly clean womens raincoat helps you beat the rainy season without breaking a sweat. The cleaning process is pretty simple and does not take much of your time. But first, let’s find out how you know that your raincoat is dirty.

Common Signs to Clean Your Raincoat

It Wets Out

Have you noticed your raincoat soaking up? The raincoat wets out when the water repellent treatment wears off. This means that the cleanliness of your raincoat has been compromised, and you should clean it. You should clean it and re-waterproof it in order to reinstate the functionality.

It Has Visible Dirt and Stains

Does your raincoat show any streaks of dirt or stains? Being out in the rain can be messy and muddy. If your raincoat shows these signs, you must have it cleaned. This can be eliminated by cleaning using a mild liquid soap and waterproofing spray.

How to Clean Your Raincoat

Here are some simple steps to follow when cleaning your womens raincoat.

  1. Read the Care Tag

All clothes come with a care tag indicating how it should be washed, dry, iron, and the bleach to use on your garments. The raincoat also has a tag with specific instructions on the cleaning. Most of them are icons that you can easily follow. You can protect your raincoat by carefully following these instructions.

  1. Remove any Loose Dirt on the Raincoat

Once you are sure about the process, you should remove any loose dirt and particles from the raincoat’s outer layer. This makes the cleaning more manageable as the large particles are off the coat.

  1. Use Gentle Liquid Detergent for Cleaning

You can use gentle liquid detergent while cleaning, as the powdered ones may damage the jacket’s fabric and tenacity. After pouring the liquid into the washer, you can select the warm permanent-press cycle.

It gently washes the raincoat.

  1. Rinse the Raincoat Twice

This is in order to remove all the soap from the raincoat. You should avoid using a fabric conditioner at this stage as it damages the waterproof nature of the raincoat. You want it to be waterproof, not soft.

  1. Set the Dryer on Low and Tumble

While drying low, the jacket reinstates its tenacity and waterproofing ability. It enhances the functionality of the outer side of the raincoat.

  1. Apply Waterproof Treatment on the Outer Layer

Before putting it out to dry, you should apply the waterproof treatment on the outer layer. This restores the effectiveness of the coat.

  1. Fold and Carefully Store

When dry, fold the raincoat and store it appropriately for rainy days. Others may choose to hang the coat on a hanger.


The cleaning process is elaborate and requires minimal time. Clean raincoats give you better service and longevity. You get a warm and dry outdoor experience. Additionally, your raincoats will last longer and guarantee you excellent durability. It would be best to wash the raincoats as regularly as possible to eliminate the dirt and keep them effectively waterproofed.

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