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Hair Growth Help and Recommendations

Often you look at someone else’s thick hair and wish your hair could grow just as much. Sometimes we wonder what can be done about our scanty hair. Many hair growth products seem to do more harm than good, and then we look at our hair and want to give up.

Wait a minute!

You might have been subjected to the scanty-hair train through genetic tendencies and stress, but you don’t have to surrender just yet. You can still win the battle with the right recommendations. In no time, you’ll have a full mass of thick, luscious hair that’s a wonder to all who see it.

Smile! There is a way out.

Some Interesting Facts About Hair Growth

  • According to the American Academy of Dermatology (ADD), about 100,000 hair follicles are present on your scalp
  • It is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair daily.
  • The blood in your scalp helps your hair grow as it flows to hair follicles and feeds it nutrients and oxygen.
  • As hair grows, it pushes through the skin, passing by an oil gland.
  • The oil from this gland is responsible for your hair texture and glow.

Hair Growth Recommendations

Like we mentioned earlier, the damage done by genetics and stress is seemingly irreversible. However, there are dozens of helpful tips and recommendations to aid in growing full and healthy hair. You must also know that this is not a 100-meter sprint; it’s a full marathon race. There are no instant magical remedies for hair growth, but if you stick with the process, you’ll reap amazing benefits soon enough. Here are a few tips for beginning with:

1.    Eat More Protein:

Insufficient protein in the diet could be detrimental to hair growth resulting in impaired growth and increased shedding. Your hair follicles are made of protein; consequently, enough protein in your diet is vital for healthy hair growth. A protein-deficient diet could promote hair loss.

2.    Vitamins and Minerals:

Minerals such as Biotin, Zinc, Iron, and Vitamins C, D, E are essential for overall health and wellbeing. These elements also provide the energy required for hair growth. Whether you’re on a vegetarian-based diet or a meat-based one, you can easily include these vitamin supplements in your meals. You can check out your regular grocery store, search online or talk to your dermatologist to make sure.

3.    Scalp Massage:

Stress is generally harmful to the human body, and the hair is not left out. Scalp massages promote relaxation and relieve stress. It could help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin. This, in turn, can lead to thicker, healthier hair that’s less likely to become damaged.

4.    DHT Blocking Products:

There are products which block DHT and promote increased hair growth. It is ideal for supplementing hair loss or thinning hair regimen. It consists of all-natural ingredients, enhanced with vitamins B-6, biotin, folic acid, Soy, and Shellfish. The Saw Palmetto, Horsetail Extract & Zinc formula also help inhibit 5-AR enzyme conversion to DHT (the primary cause of hair loss). It’s important to make sure DHT Blocking Supplements are natural.

5.    Essential Oils:

Essential oils have been employed as alternatives in Eastern and homeopathic medicine. They are highly effective and have a low risk of harmful side effects. This makes them an ideal choice to promote hair health as they help improve its texture and glow. Some essential oils you can use include:

  • Lavender essential oils help speed up the hair growth process and give you thicker hair. The best part, lavender oils can work their way into the scalp, allowing for even quicker progress.


  • Rosemary essential oils help out with more circulation, helping hair follicles thrive more than normal.


  • Cedarwood essential oils balance the strength of oil-producing glands in the scalp, helping you regulate more hair growth and lesser hair loss.


  • Peppermint essential oils help improve hair growth by increasing blood circulation during anagen to the parts of the scalp where it is applied.


There are several growth tips and recommendations, and individuals may have results that vary. Paying attention to your diet is necessary for improving hair growth. Experience the true results that you can get from natural, effective hair growth treatments.

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