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Home Staging Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

Home Staging is the process of designing a home for the client.

It’s the art and science of making your home and furniture look lived in and ready to receive potential buyers.

The goal is to make a home look good and inviting even if it’s not completely decorated.

The home might need a little care. A little dusting or straightening up could make a huge difference. Or maybe your place has accumulated clutter that needs a little attention.

Home staging can be essential to a successful sale of your home, but it takes work and some planning. We talked with some industry experts about what a home staging professional can do to make your home look more appealing to buyers.

Top Tips for Selling Your Home Like a Pro

Below are five quick tips from professionals in the home staging field:

1. Increase your home’s curb appeal. When people get to your front door, they will never remember how nice your house was. They will remember how great your home looks when they first walk through it. While you have a few weeks to show your home to prospective buyers, you have no idea how many will walk by and not even look.

2. Clean everything and touch up the flaws. Some things you will want to touch up. Check the light fixtures, the moulding and the paint. Also, some professionals will help with light and air flow issues.

3. Make sure you have enough room. When people are checking out the house, they want to make sure it’s comfortable and well-organised. Some homes just need a little TLC.

4. Incorporate your decor into your home. When you live in your home, you don’t see what your family and friends see when they look around. When you sell your home, it needs to showcase what you have. If you want to show buyers how great your master bedroom is, some pointers from a staging expert can make it look that way.

5. Add certain touches like potted plants or a topiary. Potted plants are something that always look great and add visual appeal. Throw in some decorative touches like a potted tree or topiary and you’ll have your home looking like a home. Add a fresh coat of paint on your front door and add some knobs and hardware to make your home look more like your home.

Do You Have a Bigger Budget to Work With?

Have a professional update your home’s floor plan. Some people don’t realise how many square feet the front door takes up. You can cut that by removing a door or completely redesigning your front entrance. When you’re selling your home, you can help your home sell faster by incorporating new design ideas that put buyers in your home.

Hiring a local professional can give your home a facelift.

If you’ve noticed, designers usually hire stagers before staging. They’re highly trained professionals who put together a project for you to be able to sell your house fast, but you can simply learn from them instead of actually hiring them outright.

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The Questions Your Stager Would Ask

When hiring a designer to put together a staging project for you, the designer will ask you a number of questions. Some are:

Do I need a staging project?

Do I want to have a professional staging project?

How many rooms can I do?

How much time can I commit?

Why do I want a professional staging project?

When you have finished the interview process, you will usually get a contract to outline what your staging budget is and what services your designer will provide.

The professional staging team will take the time to figure out the specific cost of each staging project and deliver it to you at the start of the project.

That way, you won’t be disappointed because the staging service you hire is supposed to be the cheapest. You don’t want to pay extra. You need to budget for the extra cost, and that’s exactly what they will take into account.

When they do a staging project, they don’t just stage your home and then deliver their completed project. They pay attention to every detail.

It’s worth it to pay them extra. You’re the one who will benefit from the project.

When you hire a designer to do a staging project, they’re going to take care of all the details to make sure the staging is successful.

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