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How to Clean a Curling Iron

Like a lot of women, a curling iron is one of the best tools in my arsenal. If I’m feeling a little frumpy, lots of bouncy curls helps me feel like myself again. I use mine alongside other products to make curls that last far longer than a blow dry.

The problem, however, is that during its use, it attracts a lot of dirt and develops an unsightly layer of various hair products plus shreds of hair. If the product is faulty, do not clean it and it is best to return to the manufacturer when it is within the warranty period. If injury is sustained due to a fault it may be worth speaking to a lawyer. A good example would be, who have an excellent record in dealing with such matters. 

How to Clean a Curling Iron 

The mess (hairspray residue, burnt hair smell, and gumminess) eventually becomes an issue that will prevent you from using it.

The hair smells burnt, the handle sticks in your arms, and it starts convincing you to replace the curling tool. That why it’s important to learn how to clean a curling iron properly.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to clean a flat iron let alone do the same to a curling iron.

For this reason, we’ve sought help from professional hairdressers and cosmetologists who have first-hand experience and expertise with frequent cleaning of beauty tools.

Get the Cleaning Supplies

Don’t worry. You don’t need to invest in special equipment to clean your curling iron. Probably, you already have some of these things around your home.

Get rubbing alcohol that will help to disinfect, clean, and remove stains from your curling rod without leaving behind an unwanted smell.

Baking soda will do the same thing, but it’s more useful as an abrasive that cleans off hair spray and eliminate the burnt hair smell. Comet is another great alternative.

You’ll also need a brush. The best alternative here is your used toothbrush that will help you reach the nooks and crannies of the tool easily. But ensure it is very clean to be effective.

Don’t forget to get a damp rag for wiping away moisture and residues on the curling iron. You might need water and a small bowl as well to create your baking soda paste.

After cleaning, you’ll need to dry the tool. So, get a clean napkin plus a towel to wipe the cleaners off your hair curling tool.

Turn the Curling Iron Off

Some people prefer cleaning this tool while it is hot because the chemicals are easier to melt and scrub off. However, that is better left to the experts.

You don’t want to sustain burn injuries while cleaning your curling iron. You will still achieve great results when you use the right cleaning supplies – you don’t need a hot curling iron.

Just turn it off and allow it to lose its heat for several minutes. Remember to unplug it also to avoid any chances of electrocution as you clean.

Get the Hairspray Off

Submerging the curling iron in a liquid is not part of how to remove hairspray buildup. That can interfere with its electronic system and damage it.

Instead, start by wetting your rag with the rubbing alcohol (performs better) or water and use it to wipe down the curling iron.

You’ll need to concentrate your scrubbing more in places with more hairspray. Scrub in all directions to eliminate all layers of hairspray residue.

The longer hairspray has been on the tool, the harder it will be to get it off. Lift the clasp and wipe underneath it. Do the same to the clasp as well as the handle.

Some curling irons have venting spaces, requiring you to be cautious not to get any liquid in the unit. If your tool does not have a heavy hairspray build up, you won’t need to go past this stage.

Just wipe it dry using a clean rag or paper towel, let it dry for a few minutes in open space to get rid of all moisture, and store.

Use Baking Soda Paste for Tough Residue

If you have an old curling iron that has sticky hair and stubborn hairspray residue, you can use a baking powder paste to eliminate it.

While rubbing alcohol evaporates fast, this soda paste will stay where you put it as long as you need it. Also, compared to water and rubbing alcohol, this paste creates a thicker lining that adds traction for scrubbing during the cleaning process.

Make this paste in the bowl in the ratio of one measure of water against three measures of baking soda. When ready, insert or dank the toothbrush bristles in the solution and rub the dirty areas on your tool.

Apply the necessary pressure while scrubbing to remove all the dirt as far as you can see and reach.

How to clean a sticky iron? Just rub alcohol or baking soda paste on the gummy surface as you scrub with your toothbrush. This is good enough to remove the sticky residue even in the hidden joints.

The paste will stick on your curling iron when you clean. Wash your hands and get a dry napkin to clean and dry off the cleaner. A towel wipe will ensure you don’t leave any water on the tool.

Just to be sure your curling iron is dry, leave it in the open for several hours. This move will ensure you don’t use it with bits of water left on the surfaces as it can lead to electrocution.

Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Once your hair curling tool is clean, wash your bowl, brush, and rags as well for future use. They just saved you from spending a lot of money on a new curling iron and they will do the same in the future – so they deserve it!

The goal is to remove all residue they might be holding to be useful next time.

It takes just a few minutes of your time to make your curling iron look like new again. And in the same manner is how to clean a hair straightener and how to clean a flat iron, plus most hair tools out there.

Just ensure your safety first, get your tools in place, and work on your curling tool.

It takes about ten minutes, and you’ll be through with the process. Do this regularly to avoid stubborn hairspray stains. It is that easy and fast!

We hope you’ve found our guide to how to clean a curling iron useful. 


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