How to Get Rid of a Heat Rash: 4 Ways That Actually Work

Heat rash is a painful skin condition that usually occurs during summers. It is also known as miliaria, and it can occur anywhere in the body. Heat rashes are red bumps that can cause itching and burning sensations.

Here are some of the reasons why heat rash occurs:

  • Intense exercise
  • Long-lasting bed rest
  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Being in a humid environment.

While heat rash is common, it can become a major health concern if left untreated. It can cause pus-containing blisters and lead to infection. For that reason, taking immediate action to cure heat rash can prevent you from several skin conditions.

Heat rash can fade away during winters or in cool temperatures. However, it can become worse if excessive sweating continues. With that said, this article will discuss how you can get rid of heat rash at home to help relieve itching and cool the skin. So, let’s begin:

1.     Take Cool Baths And Showers

Who doesn’t love cool baths and showers, especially during summers? None, maybe. As said earlier, heat rashes go away during cool temperatures. So, why not make your body cool to make them fade away?

Taking cool baths and washing the skin gently can unclog the pores. Cool bathing is essential since clogged pores can promote heat rash. Also, ensure to dry your skin properly after bathing.

2.     Wear Light Clothes

To say “Goodbye” to heat rashes, you need to say “Goodbye” to your favourite tight clothes. It is wise to know that your skin has the potential to heal itself. So, avoid wearing tight clothes that can easily make you sweat. Loose-fitting clothes can help your skin to heal itself without irritating it.

Looking for clothing materials that are ideal for fitness and sports activities. However, wearing cotton clothes can be your best bet. It is breathable and makes you feel comfortable all day.

3.     Use Chemical-Free Skin Care Products

Choosing the right product to treat heat rash can be tricky. Whether the temperature is too hot or too cold, extreme temperatures can also cause eczema. During the winter months, the dry air results in dry skin, which can worsen the symptoms of eczema. However, there are some OTC (over-the-counter) products which can help you prevent such skin issues.

Remember, you need to make sure the eczema cream you choose should not contain harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, phthalates, etc. Instead, it should contain stearic acid, tapioca starch, jojoba esters, potassium sorbate, and more.

Using chemical products can affect your skin and even worsen the symptoms. Choosing the right product can help to rebalance, restore, and protect your skin. When using the cream, gently massage it into the dry areas until a thin protective layer forms without too much excess product.

4.     Use A Cold Compress

Another best way to get rid of heat rash is to apply a cold compress. You can apply an ice pack or cold cloth to the affected skin. If using an ice pack, do not leave ice on for extended periods. A good rule of thumb would be to keep the ice pack in place for 5–10 minutes, remove it for the same amount of time, reapply, and repeat the process.

Summing Up

Staying cool during the summers can help prevent heat rashes. So, by following the tips mentioned above, you can easily get rid of heat rash.

In most cases, heat rash fades away in a day or two. If the above tips don’t work and your symptoms get worse, it is wise to consult a doctor immediately.

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