how to get rid of a pimple in an hour
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How to Get Rid of a Pimple in an Hour


You feel an itch on your face and reach out your finger to calm it only to touch a bump. When you look in the mirror, it is a horrifying red pimple. What is wrong? I was fine the last time checked! Now, you’re looking up at the clock and realising that you’ll need to get rid of a pimple in an hour. Don’t worry, this is a common experience that happens to most people. Adult acne can develop at any time and anywhere on your face. What’s funny is that pimples tend to occur when you have to meet your favorite person or when planning to attend an important event. To some, it might be small bumps on forehead while to others it could be the biggest zit ever!

To women, a pimple on the face can be a deal-breaker. The natural action that often follows is to wage war against it. However, if you’re trying to get rid of a pimple in an hour, you don’t want to aggravate the skin so much. People use all manner of tools and medications to combat pimples. But you have to be careful to avoid making the situation worse. We’ve all heard horror stories of people have using substances that turned little bumps on forehead into serious medical conditions spread all over their skin.

There are plenty of treatments (both natural and medical) that you can use to clear pimples. Some take a few days, while others will take weeks to be effective. But in our case, you only have one hour to make your face look smooth again. Fortunately, we have sought out expert advice on how to get rid of it and we’ve rounded up the perfect solutions to tackle these skin intruders. But before then, let us understand what causes that pimple to form on your face.

How do Pimples Happen?

One of the reasons you might get a pimple on your face is when sebaceous glands produce too much oil in your skin plus bacteria infection on the skin surface. Also, hormonal changes could be responsible for acne development. In this case, pimples can develop during your menstruation or pregnancy. What we consume might also contribute to the development of pimples on our skin. Smokers, for instance, are more susceptible to acne than those who don’t smoke.

It is important to mention that makeup is a major contributor to acne development in women as well. It easily clogs your skin pores, which then motivates the development of skin acne. All these factors plus stress, the pimples become worse. People react to foods differently. If you suspect that a particular food affects you, quit eating or drinking it. Here are the best ways you can get rid of your pimples within an hour’s time.

Avoid Touching Your Face

The most tempting move you might make is picking on or popping the pimple. Pimples thrive when you touch them. You pick or pop them, and they become inflammatory, making you want to do it even further. By the time you are through, it leaves behind a sour and ugly scar. Dermatologists say that if you give in to the urge of scratching the pimple, it takes longer to heal. Besides, your hands could be dirty, which might introduce bacteria to the skin and create an oily environment where they can grow and result in more pimples.

Clean Your Face

The makeup you used may be causing the pimple to develop. You might also be experiencing sweat acne. Bacteria development, because of coming in contact with dirt, could be the issue as well. Active oil glands that meet pollution, plus makeup are a potential breeding ground for pimples. What do you do then? Wash your face. If you want to get rid of a pimple in an hour, you’ll at least need fresh skin. You need warm water and mild soap (it should not contain fragrance) to gently wash off all the dirt. After that, pat the face dry.

Your acne treatment product will come in handy after your face is clean. Ensure it has only 2% of benzoyl peroxide that will help kill any bacteria in the affected place. Apply it directly to the pimple. Rub lightly to make a thin layer on the skin to avoid irritation. The pimple should have shrunk back within an hour. When you apply your makeup to leave for the meeting, it will be barely visible. Just make sure you choose your beauty products carefully. You don’t want anything oil-based that will contribute to blocking your pores. Instead, go for a mineral makeup that does the opposite.

Use Warm and Cold Compress

Another quick way how to shrink a pimple is to use a warm compress. Take a clean towel and place it in hot water. Squeeze and use the warm towel against the swelling for about 12 minutes. Besides leveling back the pimple, you’ll be soothing any itch that comes with it. This move will help you clean the skin and remove the pus without having to pop the pimple with a sharp object.

Cold compress is great if the pimple is particularly sour and painful as well. Just wrap an ice cube in a clean piece of cloth and press as you rub the area for up to ten minutes. Take ten minutes breaks as you repeat the process. Doing this will prompt a whitehead to develop with pus underneath the skin. When this happens, apply a warm towel at the pimple for about 12 minutes to relieve the pus. Your skin surface might become red because of the activity, but this should not be a major concern since it will go back to normal within a few minutes.

See a Dermatologist

If you have to get rid of a pimple in an hour and cannot use the methods described above, the best and safest way to go is to visit a dermatologist nearby. A dermatologist specializes in skin problems and will treat and give you advice for future prevention. They will administer a cortisone shot or any other relevant medication to treat your situation. The treatments you get will soothe your pain and eliminate the pimple without leaving marks.

In situations where the pimple is big and red, they can prescribe treatments that will help you maintain your complexion. Sometimes the extent of your acne might not be possible to treat at home. A dermatologist can help. To seek a physicians help is also how to heal a popped pimple fast.

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