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How To Look Good In Swimwear

Ah summer. The perfect time to spend your time indoors, in overcrowded, artificially lit environments, looking for a piece of clothing to wear while swimming. Sound fun?

Of course not! Balmy summer days should be taking you outside to enjoy the sun, not worrying about what to wear while you do so. The process of finding a swimsuit that looks fantastic on can create a certain amount of pressure on women, but don’t despair – let this handy guide help you in your quest for finding a great swimsuit that looks good on you!

What style should I wear?

Since the full-body styles from the previous century, swimsuits for women have come a long way. The trusty one piece has long been the go-to garment for many women in their swimsuit journey. What’s not to like? It offers heaps of coverage for those who are not 100% comfortable with letting it all hang out, and the extra coverage makes it a great choice for other beach activities, like volleyball or frisbee!

If you are comfortable with your body and would prefer something that shows more skin, of course the bikini is a great option. There is more than enough reason for the bikini to be as popular as it has become over the years. Got a great midriff? Show it off in a well-tailored bikini while sunning yourself at the poolside!

How do I decide on a cup style?

This is a matter of personal preference, and a choice that is based on the support and coverage that you want. If you are comfortable wearing a cup without extra padding, and the suit you like makes use of this design, you should go for it! Conversely, if you feel you need a little help in the size department, or simply if it makes you feel more comfortable to have more padding before facing the world, you should pursue that.

Not all cups make use of underwire either. There are two distinct schools of thought about underwire, with many people opting not to wear it in recent years. If an underwire is an important inclusion for you, make the extra effort to find something you enjoy wearing and are comfortable in.

I am extremely uncomfortable about my stomach – what style should I wear?

As with any part of your body that you might not be comfortable with, it is always advisable to get professional assistance. Don’t be shy to approach a specialist swimwear store, where the staff are well-trained in providing a fitting service to help you highlight your strengths and hide the part you worry about.

If you would prefer to do it alone, look for items with ruching, crossover detail, wrap style design and control panelling to help you create a silhouette you love. If you prefer two-piece suits, go for a high-waisted bottom that offers more support than a hipster style would, to help you bring everything under control before you hit the beach!

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