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How To Plan A Backyard Wedding

A backyard wedding is perfect for couples who love the outdoors, who want a beautiful wedding on a budget, or just want the nostalgic feel that it comes with. Backyard weddings are among the most intimate weddings since they’re all about one’s family and very close friends. A couple’s dinner reception should celebrate the intimacy that comes with backyard weddings by bringing everyone together—family style.

Backyard weddings have numerous benefits–including cost and convenience. But with those benefits come extra details that ought to be carefully considered and situations that require heedful planning. This article aims to guide you on how to start planning a wedding.

Essentials For Planning A Backyard Wedding

Below are some of the key things to consider when planning your backyard wedding:

  1. Sourcing Extra Restrooms

Additional toilet facilities are a must as long as the number of people attending the ceremony exceeds that of the occupants of the home. It’s advisable to get outdoor washrooms to avoid constant house walk-ins by guests to use the washrooms. This is less cumbersome. There’s also a rule of thumb that there ought to be a washroom for every 35 guests, which the house toilets cannot facilitate.

Nowadays, there are endless options for portable toilets; these provide comfort due to the amount of space in them. They have sinks and mirrors to enable touch-ups by the guests. Getting such things in place within a short period can be quite tricky. It’s always recommended that you hire professionals like The Bouqs wedding services to handle these tasks on your behalf.

  1. Articulated Décor And Design

When looking at the décor for your wedding, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Styling The Reception: It being a backyard wedding is not a ticket for it to be unimaginative. The yard can be decorated very beautifully by working with the trees in the area. Hang decorations and lights from tree to tree or use them as different booths and stations. The key is working with what you have. Working with trees doesn’t rule out using tents because tents give an easier way to set up lights and large floral installations.

However, you decide to go, make sure the set-up rhymes with your dinner party ideas in case there will be one after the wedding.

  • The Space Available: This is key since it plays a big role in the type of set-up. If the space is big, there can be two entirely different themes for the ceremony and the reception. If this isn’t the case, the décor can be blended beautifully to enable a smooth transition from the ceremony to the reception.
  • Choosing The Colors And Themes: The beauty of nature is that it doesn’t restrict the colors one can use. It’s simply limitless; it makes choosing the colors much easier as the couple just has to work with the natural ambiance of the place. Apart from the surrounding, other factors to consider while choosing your wedding colors include your wedding style and personal inspirations.
  • Preparation For The Weather: Sadly, the weather is one thing that’s hard to control. Therefore, there ought to be a plan B. Prepare an alternative set-up for the ceremony in case it rains. Have spare tents or shades if the sun is scorching. While hoping that the weather cooperates, it’s good to be prepared for any eventualities.
  • The Lighting: Seamless lighting, especially at night, is just magical. Lighting has a way of setting the mood for your wedding. Chandeliers, twinkle lights, hanging café lights in the trees, candles, lanterns, and personalized neon wedding signs are some of the amazing ways to add romance to the ceremony while still providing enough light for you and your guests to party.
  1. Considering Power And Electrical Issues

You’re definitely going to be using way more power than the home can handle because of the extra lighting, sound system, equipment used by the DJ, and the food preparation and storage equipment requirements. To avoid blowing up a fuse or even the whole neighborhood, rent generators to accommodate the extra power needed.

To make the right choice on the type of generator, consult with the vendors and DJ on the power consumption rate of their equipment.

  1. Acquiring Adequate Parking

If there’s adequate parking near your home, ensure you know the rules for street parking in your neighborhood. Each community is different and has specified rules. If you don’t have enough street parking, valet service will come in handy because they will organize how to park the cars at a nearby open lot.

  1. Deliberate Yard Maintenance

The yard to be used should be prepared months before the date of the wedding. If needed, a landscaping company can be brought in to plant grass and ensure the landscape is suitable for the ceremony. The grass needs to at least be cut and tended a few days before the wedding.


These are the basic factors to consider when putting together a backyard wedding. With all the guidelines given above, you’re set to have a smooth time planning your dream backyard wedding and have a blast with your guests on your special day. You should also check if you are entitled to a same-sex marraige visa sponsorship as you could save yourself a lot of money!

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