How To Protect Your Kids From The Dangers Of EMF

Protecting children from EMF radiation hazards must be given top priority, and it must start right away, because we can do a lot before the baby is born. The good news is that there is another powerful strategy that you can implement to dramatically lower EMF exposure for both your kids and pets. You certainly want to limit your child’s exposure to EMF radiation to a minimum, and there are a few main steps you can take to accomplish this.

While products like these and others can do much to help you limit your exposure to EMF radiation, the biggest thing you can do is just reduce the amount you use devices. Limiting the use of tech gadgets will decrease your exposure to EMFs, prevent your eyes from getting damaged, and, more importantly, will make sure that your children are growing up learning about the real world instead of the virtual one. Limit your children’s mobile phone usage dramatically, as EMF effects on their growing brains are potentially even worse.

Distance yourself and your child as much as possible from phones or laptops to decrease EMF exposure. If you can move to a wired connection, or place an EMF protector over your wireless router and place it farther from your desk, you will significantly decrease EMF exposure.

Make sure you keep your WiFi spot at least 15 feet (5 meters) from your work space, so that your body is protected from the harmful radiation of EMFs. A 5 meters distance does not fully remove your risk from WiFi radiation, but it certainly helps to decrease your exposure to high EMFs. Keeping a distance between EMF sources and your body is the best way to decrease the effects it has on your body.

This is the reason that electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) has profound effects on children’s bodies. Because their skulls are softer, EMF radiation enters their brains much deeper than it does in adults. Your baby’s developing skull is thinner, making it more susceptible to EMF penetration.

Infants, infants, and children are particularly vulnerable to EMF damage because babies in the womb have smaller, growing bodies, and symptoms may appear more clearly. On top of all that, babies in utero may also be exposed and hurt from the EMF radiation their mothers are taking in from their cellphone usage, laptop usage, smart meters, and so forth.

We know children are most vulnerable to harmful effects from radiation, and it is smart to understand the connection between cancers in people of any age and EMF exposure. That’s where there’s a strong case for the deployment of an EMF protection bracelet for kids. The worry about the harmful radiation surrounding children is that children are being exposed to these types of devices nowadays, sometimes since birth, and because they have smaller brains and thinner bones and tissues, a number of studies show they are more susceptible to EMF exposure. As children spend increasing amounts of time using computers, mobile phones, and tablets, sitting in classrooms filled with EMF-emitting devices, protecting them from these health-destroying fields of energy is critical. Delay getting a smart phone for as long as you can, so that you can significantly reduce the cumulative EMF radiation exposure.

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