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Is There Such a Thing as Kid Friendly Flooring?



This may be the worst sound you can hear from your child in another room. This is not a sound that indicates they have been hurt, but it is a sound that means something has broken, been damaged or even worse, spilt.


You are almost too scared to look; what could possibly be about to ruin my day? Please don’t let it be juice or sauce on my carpet!


No matter what, we love our children, but we don’t love cleaning up and getting down on our hands and knees scrubbing out the stains they leave for us. Simply taking shoes off may save a larger amount of dirt getting on the floor, but what measures can we take to better preserve our floors from the child onslaughts?


Food and Drink Spills


Undoubtedly the big stress is cleaning out mashed in food, turning your carpet or flooring boards into a Picasso of mealtime delicacies.


Spaghetti sauce stains and mashed up vegetables are sure to give a carpet discolouration no matter how many times you wash it out. With stain resistance in mind, you could opt for luxury wood effect vinyl flooring which not only has a high stain resistance, it’s also incredibly easy to clean and will not suffer discolouration as a consequence.


Toy Terror


No matter how many times they are told, your children will love to run their toys across the floor.


Now if you have a real hardwood floor, chances are you will have scratched tire tracks all over the place, looking like your living room has seen the finals of Dancing on Ice take place in the course of a day. After this occurs regularly, you won’t even be bothered in buffering it out anymore, meaning your flooring is going to look worn and in disrepair going forward. This is also a huge benefit that lowest price Amtico Signature flooring can provide, with its high anti scratch technology and its durable wear layer providing plenty of combat against those Christmas and Birthday toys.


Comfort Enough to Play On


As children like to sit and play indoors, especially on rainy afternoons, vinyl flooring can provide comfort with a cushioned feel which makes it even a great choice for children’s bedrooms.


The thought of a child pulling up flooring partitions or skidding across the floor and damaging tiles is greatly reduced due to anti slip properties. Combining that with waterproof properties means that no damage will come to your child or your floor in the process. It’s cushioned quality also plays as a great companion to underfloor heating, meaning your child’s bedroom could even provide a wonderful warmth in the evenings on colder nights, ensuring no disturbed sleep if the covers come off.


Cheapest Amtico flooring uk is a great product for those parents who feel like they shill out a small fortune in cleaning products after their kids activities.

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