Poll reveals 28% of Shoppers like Black Friday

On the eve of Black Friday, a new poll commissioned by ethical fashion brand Thought Clothing indicates that only 28% of shoppers like Black Friday; with 32.8% unsure on how they feel about the sales and 38.9% reporting that they actively did not like the sales period.

With postal strikes set to go ahead on Black Friday tomorrow, it is set to be a very different sales period than we have seen before and the research from the poll suggests that the UK public are becoming more tired of the sales messaging.

Many feel that they do not get good value for money on the day and with many brands now taking a more sustainable approach to the sales season, the heavy discounts may be becoming less popular.

How to have a sustainable Black Friday

Despite the signs of support for it waning, UK shoppers are still set to spend a lot of money on the day but there are some ways you can reduce the impact on the environment and get the deals in without devastating the planet.

Try to shop through sustainable brands and stores, these businesses will often sell products with a lower environmental impact than other options, but make sure you check through their supply chain to ensure they are being 100% transparent.

Secondly, try to keep and use the items you do buy, this will lead to you buying less and reducing your carbon footprint. Spending a little more on the product in the first place to get a better version may well save you money in the long run as you will have to buy fewer replacements.

Thought and other ethical clothing brands are great places to start when it comes to building a sustainable wardrobe. Thought’s Culottes are very popular thanks to their quality but sustainable materials and will last a long time if looked after.

If you find that you have fallen out of love with a particular item of clothing or another product, then try to find a new home for it! If done on mass this will massively cut down on the amount of waste that goes to landfill and also build out the circular economy that is so important when it comes to the wider battle of reducing waste across the world.

Keeping the above tips in mind when shopping on Black Friday will put you well on the way to having a more sustainable shopping experience.

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