Popular interior design trends, according to top agents

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that interior designers are busier than ever in 2021. After months at home, everyone is ready to give their abodes a refresh. But you don’t have to break the bank, especially if you have your eye on a home affordability calculator if you are thinking about buying a new home. You don’t even need to hire an interior designer to give your home that 2021 look that will make it feel inviting and comfortable. Here are a few interior design trends for 2021 to get you started. 


Go Retro

If you want to add a unique pop to your home, going retro is a great way to do it, and this year, particular styles are seeing a comeback. Read on and pick the one that best fits your taste and the look and feel of your home. 


Art Deco is one option, favoring geometric shapes and metallic details. You can pair art deco with antique accessories for a look that mimics the era of the Roaring ‘20s. Crushed velvet pillows are another detail that can pair nicely with this trend. 


Another era that is experiencing a comeback is Mid-Century Modern. This style is all about clean lines, hairpin legs, and walnut finishes. You can opt for vintage pieces or buy new with a Mid-Century Modern-inspired design. These styles are versatile and can be easily integrated with other contemporary pieces. 


If you love the ‘80s we have good news for you, as this decade is also making a comeback. Chunky bold furniture in round and sculpted styles are on trend as a focal point for a living room, but steer away from black and gold accents. Remember, less is more. 



It’s not a trend that is new for 2021, but adding color is always a good idea to give your space a refresh. In 2021, you might opt to paint a wall, cabinet, or cover a couch to give it an update. If you are feeling a bit bold you can go for an on-trend emerald or green, and for something more restrained, earthy colors can work for a wall or even an entire room. Painting is noted by decorators as an inexpensive way to give a room a new look and living spaces can be the place to go for bold. Remember, if you don’t like it, you can always paint over it. 



Continuing with the trend of going bold — don’t shy away from patterns. Patterns can be for pillows, rugs, tiles, comforters, and throw blankets. Meanwhile, insights from top agents are noting that tiles for bathrooms and backsplashes for kitchens are a big trend this year — this can be one area where patterns can be put to good use. Layered tiles can add a dynamic element to a bathroom, echoing mosaics, for a sophisticated look.   


Adding a few new pieces to your home and updating it with color can do wonders to make you feel like you are living in a refreshed space. Everyone has their own unique style and some of these 2021 trends can inspire you to find your own. 

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