Preparing your home for Summer

With warmer days, brighter nights and a more positive feeling towards the day preparing your home for the season of sunbathing, picnics and barbecues can be an exciting way to get in the mood for welcoming in the sun. So how can you make small changes to your home to really transform it and get yourself into the brighter spirits that come with the summer?

Brighten up the place

One of the most defining features of summer is the increased light and warmth that it brings. By increasing the amount of sunlight your interior gets, you can feel ready for the summer and welcome the brighter mood it brings. You can do this by avoiding obstructing windows and heavy curtains or creating a more open plan space. If you’re lucky enough to move into a shared ownership home in Hampshire, surrounded by countryside and beautiful views, welcoming in more of the outdoors can really boost your mood.

Invest in the outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or garden space, the spring time is the perfect time to really invest in this space. Clean up your outdoor space whether it’s a big project or simply removing some dead plants from the balcony and you can ensure you get to enjoy this space as the weather gets warmer. By simply getting the grass cut, deweeding, doing a little sweeping and investing in some garden furniture you can transform the way your outdoor area feels.

A great way to enhance your outdoor space further is by adding landscape lighting. Not only does this allow you to see better around your property at night but also provides better nighttime aesthetics. Now is a great time to start planning your outdoor landscape lighting installation.

Let the outdoors in

A great way to welcome in the summer is to decorate with plants and flowers. By creating a space filled with plants you can welcome the outdoors and fill your home with a sense of summer. Flowers like daffodils, tulips and roses are a great addition to your interior and will give your home a boost of vitality for the warmer season. Plant and flowers are a great way to spruce up your home not only for how dynamic and bright they make your home feel, but also for the health benefits that come with bringing

All in the walls

If you’re tempted to go the whole hog for the seasons then repainting could be the detailing your home is crying out for. Choosing more pastel shades like a soft blue or gentle apricot can give your home an instant cosy feel and summery look. But if you’re a little restricted in your tenancy agreement then a simple touch of wall art will do it. Going for a mural that incorporates those brighter shades or even a few pieces of colourful wall accessories will add a touch of the season into your home wherever you choose to live. And with plenty of ways to decorate your wall with the colours of summer, creating a summery space couldn’t be easier.

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