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15 of the Best Jobs for Single Moms to Consider

When it comes to the best jobs for single moms, there are often a variety of factors to consider.

From flexible hours to remote working, it can be tricky to find a career path that ticks your boxes.

So we’ve done some useful research for you, with a wide selection of the best jobs for single moms.

Best Jobs for Single Moms

1) Admin Assistant

If you’re a single mom looking for an office job, then an admin assistant role could be the perfect fit for you.

The routine of an admin assistant usually means your hours will be consistent and won’t require you to work overtime.

Some companies may even allow flexible hours to fit around your childcare or school run.

2) Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the best jobs for single moms, with day-to-day duties including writing articles, web copy and even brochures.

If you’re a natural writer and love to unleash your creativity, then copywriting could be calling your name.

Not forgetting, you may find yourself in a position to work from home and go freelance.

3) Coder

Coding is one of the highest paid fields out there. And even better, there’s a very high demand for female coders.

Why not take a nighttime course in coding to start your new career path?

This is a growing field of work, and it’s well worth getting your foot in the door while you can!

4) Graphic Designer

Graphic design is another well paid job that often allows flexibility to work from home, depending on your employer.

When you’ve made some connections and established a portfolio, it’s also possible to go freelance as a graphic designer, so you could be in charge of your own workload and hours.

Definitely one of the best jobs for single moms to think about.

5) Nanny/Child Minder

One of the best jobs single mom jobs out there is the role of a nanny, or ‘child minder’ as its better known in the UK.

Taking care of children means you could work from home, or may even be able to bring your own child along with you if you’re nannying in the family’s house.

6) Tutor

Tutoring is another of the best single mom jobs, that also offers the flexibility to work from home.

If you love to help others and would be confident teaching a particular or range of subjects, why not look into this rewarding field of work? One of the most popular tutoring subjects is English given the range of opportunities out there for qualified TEFL (Teach English in a Foreign Language). Getting TEFL qualified is easy and can be completed online in a matter of months!

7) Life Coach

Working as a life coach is a fantastic choice when it comes to the best jobs for single moms. If you get a divorce you should check any changes to disability benefits.

If you’re good with communication, love to listen and have a talent for empowering others, being a life coach could be just the job for you.


Learn how to become a life coach here.


This career offers the option to work remotely, work flexible hours meeting clients and means you can choose your own holidays.

8) Personal Trainer

Personal training had to be on our list of the best single mom jobs.

It’s not for everyone, but if you have a passion for health and fitness and you love to help others reach their goals, why not consider becoming a PT?

Personal training offers flexible working hours and you can be in charge of how many clients you take on and what you earn.

9) Yoga/pilates Instructor

Similarly, a yoga or pilates instructor is one of the very best single mom jobs available.

If you’re not already qualified, then you could take a course to become a qualified instructor.

You’d then have the option to teach from the comfort of your home, or could choose a studio or hall to work from, at hours that suit you.

10) Supply Teacher

Supply teachers have more flexibility with the hours they work than teachers based permanently in one school.

Becoming a supply teacher would also mean you’d have time off over school breaks to enjoy time with your children.

Definitely one of the best single mom jobs to consider!

11) School Office Assistant

Similarly, working in a school as an office assistant is ideal for having time off over the holidays.

You’re also likely to be working hours that align with your child’s time in school, which means you won’t have to worry about childcare.

This is one of the most convenient school hours jobs.

12) Nursery Worker

If you love the idea of working with young children, then why not consider a job as a nursery nurse or assistant?

Your hours are likely to fit well around your child’s time at their nursery or school, and you may be able to choose whether you’re part-time or full time.

Plus, your co-workers will understand the demands of taking care of children, and may offer a little more leeway when it comes to balancing being a mom and working.


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13) Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist, you could run your business from home, or have portable equipment that you take to your client’s homes.

Working independently would mean you’d have control over your hours, your salary and your holidays.

One of the best jobs for single moms and ladies who love to pamper.

14 ) Hairstylist

Working as a hairstylist can also offer flexibility when it comes to your working hours, holidays and pay.

This is a sociable job that you could even run from your own home, so you’d be able to stay home with your child but wouldn’t miss out on chatting to adults throughout the day.

15) Small Business Owner

If you’ve always dreamt of setting up our own small business and have the means to give it a go, now is the time to try!

Whether it’s making your own jewellery, freelance writing, house cleaning, make up, catering or opening up the coffee shop you’ve always wanted to open, being a small business owner is one of the more challenging single mom jobs, but could fit perfectly around your routine once it’s taken off.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our guide to the best single mom jobs!

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