Where To Go White Water Rafting In Colorado

Thrilling whitewater rafting opportunities are typically available in summer months, taking adventurous travelers on rides into Colorado’s picturesque outdoors, getting sprayed and launched into powerful river rapids.

While Colorado has a ton of mountains that are perfect for climbing and backpacking, it is also home to a ton of rivers that run at an unbelievable rate, offering exciting white water rafting opportunities. Among Colorado’s many rivers, two of the most visited rivers to white water raft in Colorado also just so happen to be two closest to those cities, the Arkansas River and Clear Creek. The Arkansas River is one of the most popular places in Colorado for rafting. The Arkansas River is one of the most-rafted rivers in the world, so it is certainly at the top of our list for best places to whitewater raft in Colorado.

Because of how accessible the Arkansas River is for both locals and visitors in Colorado, it is one of Colorado’s most popular rivers for rafting. Those who are aware of this are aware that The Dolores River is one of the best multi-day rafting trips available in Colorado and beyond. If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, you might want to truly experience Colorado’s best by pairing this up with a nightly rafting trip that reaches the Lower (Box) Piedra River, the next day. Rafting trips along the more notorious rivers of northwest Colorado typically offer more of a relaxing time.

There are plenty of excellent sections of the Arkansas River to raft, ranging from family-friendly trips through Glenwood Canyon, just outside of Glenwood Springs, to the ultra-gnarly, whitewater-raged Gorge Canyon. The lower portion of the Arkansas River near Canon City is just 45 miles from Colorado Springs and a picturesque two-hour drive from Denver, and has the advantages of better water levels, generally warmer, dry weather, longer seasons, and great rapids at Bighorn Sheep Canyon, all for beginners and family-friendly Colorado rafting. With more raging per mile than any other Colorado river, Clear Creek offers world-class rafting conveniently located only 45 minutes from downtown Denver. Conveniently located only 30 minutes from Denver, Clear Creek Rafting Company has adventure-filled rafting trips to suit all levels of experience, both on Clear Creek and on the Arkansas River.

When it comes to Arkansas River rafting, Denver does indeed have a lot to offer. It is likely then time to get on board for epic whitewater rafting adventures near Denver If you are looking to reel off even more of Colorado’s world-class adventures that will get your blood pumping, for example, be sure to check out our summer activities guide, featuring all of the local activities that you should be checking out around Winter Park! Located in Winter Park, some operators offer thrilling whitewater rafting trips on both Clear Creek (just west of Denver’s own Denver Rafting near Idaho Springs) Denver Rafting, as well as on the Colorado River. Expect a variety of rafting adventures, from family-friendly, family-friendly trips to adventure-filled trips, plus places to stay and eat.

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