Ultimate Gift Guide for Women

Do you struggle with what to get for the woman who has everything? 

For starters, she’ll be touched just because you wanted to give her a gift. The thought really does count. However, it’s even better when the gift you give is something she’s going to love, like the best sweatshirts on the market.

How do you pick that perfect gift? Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm.  

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Every woman loves a house that smells delicious, but candles aren’t practical for everyone. Some people are allergic to them or have small children in their home — which we all know doesn’t mix well with fire. 

A diffuser is an excellent option because it can be left out of reach on a high shelf without worrying about the house burning down. Most essential oils are derived from natural sources and don’t bother most people when used as directed. Even better, they smell absolutely heavenly!

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes for women are great because they make it easy to give a varied, thoughtful gift. All you have to do is pick a theme that your gift recipient will love. 

For example, maybe a new mum care package or a selection of stay-at-home spa day products she can use to relax. While you might have trouble picking out the individual pieces yourself, a packaged gift box makes it super simple!

Robot Vacuum

Who loves to vacuum? Can we get a show of hands? Okay, there are a few folks out there who derive some satisfaction from vacuuming their floors, but most of us have plenty of other things we would rather be doing. 

Robot vacuums seem like a gimmick, but the good ones are actually quite effective. These make perfect gifts for anyone who likes a clean house but doesn’t like cleaning — which is pretty much everyone!

Yoga Pants

You can never have too many pairs of yoga pants! Whether your gift recipient is a fitness freak or simply loves comfortable clothes to wear around the house, yoga pants are always appreciated. 

With the wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from, it’s not too difficult to pick something that will match her personality.


Does your gift recipient have a wandering spirit? Good quality luggage is always appreciated. Airport employees are notorious for being hard on checked baggage so having an extra bag on hand is a life-saver for last-minute trips.

Photo Collage

Mums will especially love this one. Gather some of her favourite family photos and create a collage to hang on her wall. You can do this yourself or design one online with digital photos and have it printed. 

Have a box of tissues handy because she might cry when you give it to her!

The Perfect Gift

There are many gifts that will make a woman feel special. Sometimes the hard part is thinking of the right one. We hope this list has inspired you and empowered you in your gift-giving quest!

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