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Unforgettable wedding destinations for American couples

Embarking on a shared life with someone we love is one of the most significant adventures any of us will ever experience. Picking a great wedding venue is an excellent way of starting this adventure on a high note!

Here are some fantastic wedding destinations for American couples, both local and off into the exciting blue yonder. 

Wonderful wedding destinations in or near the USA 

Many American couples find the idea of flying off to an exotic foreign spot for their wedding very exciting, and why not? Yet there are some drawbacks to consider. Getting over the jetlag can take a bite out of your honeymoon, and relatives and friends might not be able to attend due to cost.

But this really needn’t be a problem, with numerous superb wedding venues right in the US, or just a short hop away!

A ceremony in the Californian redwoods

No cathedral ever built could surpass these towering trees in magnificence, age, and grandeur – and many people agree. Every year thousands of happy couples opt to have their wedding ceremony performed in the venerable presence of these majestic giants, the oldest living things on earth. 

Viva Las Vegas

No list of wedding destinations in the US could ever not include Las Vegas, and things have progressed notably since Sin City became renowned for offering ‘quickie’ weddings. Nowadays there are numerous excellent ceremonies and venues for couples to choose from. These range from hugely impressive, glittering, talk-of-town events to more modest ceremonies with down-to-earth budgets.

A Disney ceremony to grace a princess 

Having found each other, what could be better than a ceremony fit for a princess and her prince? A glittering wedding ceremony overlooking the stunning Cinderella Castle at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, will start your own personal “happy ever after” fairy tale perfectly!  

But maybe you want to venture just a bit further afield? 


Canada’s mountains, forests, lakes, and prairies ensure a stunning backdrop for your special day. British Columbia has wonderful weather, superb mountain scenery, and miles of stunning beaches. Why not opt for a sophisticated vineyard wedding in Prince Edward County, or choose a gentle woodland wedding setting in Winnipeg? The Great White North will not disappoint!


Just an easy flight away, Mexico is a great wedding destination for Americans. With its superb weather, beach weddings are particularly popular. The wonderful wedding destinations include Acapulco, Cancun, Los Cabos, Cozumel, Tulum, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen – oh, simply too many to mention!  


Considering all you get – stunning surroundings, wonderful romantic ambiance – a Hawaiian wedding is really well-priced. It also offers you a perfect location for a blissful honeymoon. 

Most of the world-class wedding venues offer amazing all-inclusive packages. This includes a wedding team that relieves you of all the stress and hassle of arranging food, flowers, photos, the lot!   

Global wedding destinations for American couples

Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, what could be a better reason to travel, and tick off some of those items on your bucket lists?  

Here are some spectacular international wedding destinations for your great day! 

African safari wedding in South Africa

The African bush lends magic to any wedding, and ensures it becomes the trip of a lifetime for you and your guests. 

Where else will you see extraordinary animals in their natural habitat? 

Sip delicious cocktails as you marvel at a breathtaking African sunset, and be pampered in an indulgent spa?

All topped off with the most glamorous wedding and honeymoon?  

Many of the lodges in South Africa offer luxury safari weddings for American couples, brimful with style, sophistication, and world-class cuisine and service. 

Explore a new culture in Japan

The intriguing ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is fast becoming a sought-after wedding destination.  Venues include Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel for Nagashima/Shinto-style ceremonies, and the incredible Ice Chapel in Hokkaido. Ancient temples like Sensoji, built in the year 645(!) and shrines like Okazaki Jinja in Kyoto, offer unique and evocative wedding venues.

Discover Chile’s natural wonders 

If you and your intended are nature lovers, Chile is the place for you! The majestic Andes Mountains, the salt flats of the Atacama Desert, the freezing plains of Patagonia, as well as the lush southern Valdivian rainforests, offer endlessly diverse opportunities for adventure. 

For your wedding ceremony itself, you can choose anything from a sustainably built eco-camp to a chic boutique hotel. 

Danish island wedding 

With gorgeous lakes, superb gardens, and magical forests, the Danish islands are ideal for small, romantic, and intimate weddings. With over 400 islands, there is a wide range of both indoor and outdoor venues to choose from with beach weddings in great demand. Expert wedding planners relieve you of all the stress – you just enjoy! And your wedding photos in these postcard-perfect Scandinavian settings will be spectacular! 


Preferences, style, time constraints, and budgets aside, American couples really are spoilt for choice as regards wedding destinations. So, whether you pick a destination close to home or on the other side of the globe, a wonderful occasion and fantastic memories are pretty much assured! 

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