What jewelry is in style?

If you want to be in style, your wardrobe needs to have the right accessories — so it’s worth taking a look at what the latest trends in jewelry are and what kind of pieces are enormous at the moment. 

This is especially true considering the last few years filled with minimalist accessories and loungewear uniforms, which have inspired people to go bold with their entire wardrobe. Bringing a breath of fresh air into the world of jewelry — and while enduring trends are still present, such as layered strands and dainty chains, bold bijoux are here to stay in 2022.  

Chunky Chains

Links have become immensely popular in the past decade — especially those larger-than-life statement pieces. And judging by the Hermes and Valentino runways, these will continue to dominate the jewelry trends in 2022 as well. If you want to go bold with your accessories this season, an oversized gold chain will definitely be the right fit. And that’s true regardless of whether you’ll be wearing it solo or layered with other over-the-top stuff. 

That’s why you’ll be seeing more and more Cuban chain chokers — they’re adjustable and more lightweight than they look. And most importantly, this classic hip-hop staple is easy to find and approachable in price these days. 

Eye-Popping Earrings

From door-knocker statement earrings that harken back to Hollywood’s Golden Age to chandelier pieces that bring an upper-class, stylish appeal — vintage-inspired accessories are set to be all the rage this year. You’ll find them all over the lobes of models at Saint Laurent, Fendi, and Giorgio Armani. 

Handmade Pieces

Naturally, people wear jewelry for a vast number of different reasons. However, no matter what kind of statement you want to make with your accessories, there’s one thing everyone has in common — you’re wearing them to look unique.

That’s precisely why the popularity and demand for handmade jewelry are so massive — and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, certainly not in 2022. In fact, a growing number of models and stylish individuals alike are increasingly looking towards handmade stuff to replace industrial, mass-produced jewelry. 


Of course, jewelry caters to all kinds of people, and all tastes are equally valid — which is why the raging popularity of handmade jewelry is just one end of the wide spectrum of potential aesthetics.

And consumeristic logomania that’s been sweeping brooches and belts for the past couple of years is entering jewelry, too — in 2022, you’ll find the boldest branding on earrings yet. It’s only natural, considering the fact that luxury houses are looking to give their wealthy fashion superfans precisely what they’re looking for: some stylish, aesthetic self-promotion. 

If you’re looking to do that without an overly splashy aesthetic, consider something like a Chanel brooch — a tiny logo pin that speaks to your love of high fashion without overpowering the rest of your wardrobe. 

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