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Why Kybella Has Become Such a Big Deal

With all that’s happening throughout the world, there are constant developments in all industries and the world of beauty and cosmetics is not very far behind. New developments are being made every day and experts are finding new and more effective ways of letting people reach their desired self-image. One of these developments is the Kybella treatment.

As a result of the pandemic people ended up being less physically active and as a result, gained extra fat in some of the most inconvenient and uncomfortable areas on their body. The double chin is one of these areas and Kybella specializes in dealing with it. When it comes to cosmetic procedures like the Kybella double chin NYC is one of the most popular areas to get treated with it.

One of the clinics that operate from that area is MiracleFace MedSpa and as their name implies, they have been working some true miracles. It is with their help that we have a better understanding of Kybella and why it’s so popular with patients all across the country.

Less Damage, Fewer Problems

One major downside to a lot of treatments out there is that regardless of how much good they do for people’s physical appearance, they also cause some amount of damage to the patient’s body. This is a natural part of the process since most treatments will require some sort of cut or incision to be made into the skin.

Obviously, these are performed by top-tier practitioners who are very accurate with these steps and know how to cause the least amount of damage possible. Unfortunately, as careful as a practitioner may be, a cut is a cut and the skin will have to heal regardless of how small the incision is. This can take a long time to heal, especially if stitches are involved. 

What sets Kybella apart from all these other treatments is that it is injection-based, which means that the damage caused to the body is minimal. With injections, only a microscopic hole is made which does not need to heal or regenerate. As a result of this minimal damage or minimal-invasiveness as it is referred to in the medical world, recovering from Kybella is much easier than from its many other counterparts.

Natural Compound

But this begs the question: how does Kybella actually work and what does it do? Kybella is an injectable compound that is able to burn away excess fat when it comes into contact with fat cells. This allows it to reduce the fat in that area and keep the damage to other parts of the body at a minimum. 

This comes from the fact that the compound used in the procedure is a chemical that is deserved from your stomach juices. The Kybella compound specifically comes from deoxycholic acid, which specializes in burning away the fat that you consume. Naturally, it makes for a great compound when it comes to burning through the fat in other areas of your body as well.

So, a synthetic version of the deoxycholic acid is made and injected into the area under the chin. While theoretically, you could use the compound to treat other areas of the body that have excess fat, Kybella currently is only FDA-approved for treating double chins. Maybe in the future, it will be able to treat other areas of the body as well, but for now, Kybella is specialized in getting rid of double chins. 

It Works in No Time

Another huge advantage to the treatment is that it works quite well and it does this in little to no time. This is what makes it such a good idea for those looking to get treated in only a few months and have their profile ready for whatever event is coming up. 

The procedures themselves take around 30 minutes, which when compared to more complicated treatments is very little time. Once a single session of Kybella is performed, two weeks are needed for the body to recuperate and restore its strength. In total, you will need two to four sessions of Kybella to get the full results, which means that the entire treatment will take around 2 months.

While that sounds like a long time initially, it does make sense when you think about all the changes that your body will be going through. With every injection of the Kybella compound, you will notice the fat layer slowly disappearing as the injections burn through the fat cells and make that area leaner. 

An Easy Recovery

Going back to the minimally-invasive aspect of Kybella, this has more benefits after the treatment than it does during. While it is always nice to know that instead of getting cuts or incisions for the procedure you are getting injections that make microscopic holes that take almost no time to heal, the real advantages of Kybella make themselves known after the treatment is finished.

With any cosmetic treatment, as well as anything you put in your body, there is always going to be some kind of a side effect and at least one. This is completely natural as your body is taking precautions in dealing with a compound that is initially alien to it. But once it gets used to the compound and understands that it poses no threat to your body’s health, the side effects disappear and you can return to your normal way of life.

And since the Kybella compound is derived from a chemical that your body naturally produces, the immune system recognizes it faster and the side effects don’t stick around as long as they would if the compound was entirely synthetic. So, after the treatment is finished you can return to your daily routine without any headaches or pains. While the procedure itself may be a little painful with the burning of the fat cells, this sensation subsides after some time and you can rest easy knowing the compound did what it was supposed to without causing too much discomfort.

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