Why Sneakers Became an Integral Part of Today’s Lifestyle

There was a time when sneakers were viewed as an accessory that could only be used when training. Things have changed and the days when only men could wear sneakers are long gone. Sneakers have become an integral part of today’s lifestyles and it is easy to find sneakers being showcased on some of the largest fashion stages in the world. Sneakers have been embraced by people from different walks of life, from the designer fashion aficionado to the average teenager. But how and why did this happen?

Fashion Labels Pushed the Trend

Fashion labels realized that there was a lot of money to be made in this sector. Brands are now releasing luxury sneakers meant to be paired with other high-end fashion items. It is no longer unusual to see someone donning white sneakers with a five-figure designer dress. As a result of the fashion industry pushing this trend, we now see more dance floors, weddings, and offices filled with fashionable sneakers.

The Evolution of Professional Cultures

There has always been a perception of what a “working woman” is supposed to dress like. Most of this stems from the corporate culture established in the 1980s that called for women to don dresses or pantsuits and wear high heels.

This dress code has faded into obscurity, with more workspaces accepting a different dress code. Fewer jobs now require women to observe a strict dress code, with journalists, musicians, fashion designers and women working in tech choosing comfort over style and thus more likely to wear sneakers than high heels.

Then, there has been a growing call for ladies to re-evaluate their role in the workplace. Expectations that women dress a certain way to fit in with a male-dominated workplace are changing. Because of this, more women are picking comfort over looking a certain way.

Sneakers Provide a Blank Fashion Canvas

Sneakers are a great fashion item because they provide a blank canvas you cause to build your look. Sneakers like the Golden Goose Sneakers are muted enough that they can be paired with almost anything, thus providing an effortless approach to building a great ensemble.

Many of today’s sneaker styles resemble sneakers you could train or run in, but that are worn with a dress and a lot of jewelry. The Golden Goose sneakers mentioned above are already a great option with different styles to choose from depending on the look you are going for. You can find the look you want by checking out the women’s collection from Golden Goose, which includes exclusive sneakers and other high-end fashion items. Golden Goose aims to create beautiful items, combining fashion and art to circumvent the traditional rules of fashion.

The creation of fashionable sneakers and their proliferation into many occasions has changed the way we dress. In the same way that the ladies’ hat has largely disappeared, today’s sneakers show how the rules are changing, with many ladies moving away from convention and opting for comfortable shoes. With the strict dress codes of past decades largely done away with, and changes in the corporate world, we can expect to see more women wearing fashionable sneakers everywhere.

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