Career Woman Tips – How Hard Working Women Manage Their Time

Being a career woman doesn’t mean sacrificing your life outside of the office! Many hard working women maintain a healthy work-life balance.

So, how do they do it? Our handy guide to career woman tips will help you to manage your time, so you have the perfect balance of work, fun and family time.

How to Balance Being a Career Woman

1) Prioritise your to-do list

Prioritising your to-do list can truly change your life. It’s easy to get stressed thinking about a long to-do list, but once you prioritise you’ll learn to accept that some things can simply wait!

career woman

Prioritise tasks with a deadline based on their due date. Anything without a deadline should wait patiently at the bottom of your list, unless it’s something small that you can manage to squeeze in.

2) Talk to the women around you

Chances are, you’re surrounded by hard working women at work and when you catch up with friends, so make the most of your connections by learning from them!

Chat to the ladies around you about how they manage their time as a career woman, wife, mother and all round busy woman, and you’ll have a wealth of experience and advice right at your fingertips.

3) Delegate where possible

It may not always be possible – but when it is – make sure you delegate tasks that you don’t really need to be doing yourself.

If you can delegate pieces of work or chores at home, make sure you do. You can’t do everything on your own without risking burn out, so use the support around you.

4) Take your lunch breaks

If you’re someone who tends to work through lunch, it’s time to stop. Use your lunch breaks to take a breather, listen to an uplifting podcast, meet a friend or just sit and reflect.

career woman

Your lunch break is yours for the taking! So make sure you do. You’ll thank yourself later for that hour of bliss.

5) Put your phone down

Having technology around us all day every day can get overwhelming, so make sure you take some time to put your phone down and switch off from work-related messages or calls.

You can still be a hard working career woman without being available for co-workers or clients 24/7. It’s all about balance!

6) Plan ahead with friends & family

Being a ‘career woman’ means you don’t always have time free for last minute drinks with friends or family get-togethers. Our advice for this is to try and plan ahead where possible.

Create groups chats to make communication easier, so you can plan family meals, nights out with friends or even just catch ups over coffee in advance. This way, you wont feel like you’re missing out and you’ll always have things to look forward to.

7) Take it in turns to plan date night

Similarly, hard working women in relationships often have to plan ahead for date nights. Whether that means picking a day to go for a meal or simply a night to have a cosy evening with films and food.

Take it in turns to plan date night, so if one of you has a lot on, the other can take the lead with organising what you’re going to do. Being a career woman doesn’t mean you have to miss out on romance!

8) Make time for self-care

Making time for self-care is essential for hard working women, so if you’re a career woman who lets work and errands take over, it’s time to schedule in a couple of hours a week for some self-care.

Whether you use your alone time to work out, cook a nutritious meal, take up a hobby, read a book or relax in the bath, the choice is yours, because this time is for you. Keeping up with self-care will ensure you continue being the powerful career woman you are, with more energy and focus than ever.

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9) Ask for help!

Sometimes it’s best to swallow your pride and reach out to loved ones or colleagues when you need help. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help out with a project, chore, or even child care when you strike up the courage to ask.

Being a strong career woman doesn’t mean you can’t rely on others to help lift you up. And you can always return the favour when you’re not busy being a fabulous, well-rounded career woman!

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Amazing Singles Vacations for Over 30s & Solo Road Trips

If you’re looking for solo female travel destinations, look no further!

From solo road trips and safe cities, to the best vacations for over 30s, we’ve rounded up an array of wonderful destinations to ignite your adventurous spirit…

Singles Vacations Over 30s & Solo Road Trips

1) Rome, Italy

Discover the historic charm of Rome, Italy.

Rome is one of the best solo female travel destinations, due to its endless attractions.

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • visit the Colosseum
  • see the Trevi Fountain
  • eat Rome’s famous pizza
  • explore the city’s museums
  • hire a bike to see more of the city.

2) Split, Croatia

Beautifully scenic and rich in history.

Split is one of our go-to locations if you’re in search of singles vacations over 30.

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • Discover Dicocletian’s Palace
  • step back in time exploring Old Split
  • take a Game of Thrones tour
  • see Palazzo di Diocleziano
  • swim at one of Split’s beaches.

3) Bath, England

Explore one of the most scenic cities in the UK with a visit to Bath.

This charming city is home to incredible Roman-built baths and cobbled streets.

5 things to do:

  • visit The Roman Baths
  • soak up the atmosphere at Bath Abbey
  • walk Pulteney Bridge
  • explore the Fashion Museum
  • enjoy a breath of fresh air at Royal Victoria Park.

4) Pacific Coast Highway

If you’re taking a road trip by yourself, we recommend driving along the Pacific Coast Highway.

This is one of the best solo road trips you’ll ever take!

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • drive over the Golden Gate Bridge
  • take a San Fransisco tram
  • take in incredible views at Big Sur
  • catch some rays in Malibu
  • see the bright lights of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

5) Dublin, Ireland

The Irish capital is one of the very best places you could go if you’re looking for singles vacations over 30.

This is the perfect city to explore by foot!

solo vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • get chatting to the locals at a pub
  • take a hop-on hop-off bus tour
  • discover the beauty of Trinity College
  • visit the Guinness Storehouse
  • take a day trip to the breathtaking Wicklow mountains.

6) Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is certainly one of the best solo female travel destinations, home to magical architecture, refreshing thermal waters and vibrant nightlife.

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • visit the Hungarian Parliament Building
  • discover history at St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • take a boat trip by night along the Danube River
  • see fairytale architecture at Halaszbastya
  • bathe in outdoor thermal baths.

7) Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark, head to the home of Scandi-chic for one of the top singles vacations for over 30s and best solo female travel destinations for ladies of all ages.

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • explore Tivoli Gardens
  • walk along the city’s colourful Nyhavn (New Harbour)
  • visit Rosenborg Castle
  • treat yourself to Danish pastries at a local bakery
  • explore stylish shops with a minimalist twist.

8) New York, United States

If you’re looking for inspiration for singles vacations over 30, why not get in a New York state of mind? The Big Apple is a busy sanctuary for solo travellers.

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • soak up the atmosphere of Times Square
  • walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  • indulge in a slice of New York pizza
  • wander around Central Park
  • go vintage thrift shopping in Soho.

9) Vancouver, Canada

The perfect starting point for female solo road trips across the Rockies, the coastal seaport city of Vancouver will sweep you off your feet.

5 things to do:

  • take a whale watching day trip
  • explore Stanley Park
  • discover the markets and hidden gems of Granville Island
  • soak up history at Gastown
  • walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

10) Paris, France

Paris might be one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it is also one of the most fascinating solo female travel destinations for a chic trip away.

5 things to do: visit the Eiffel Tower, explore the history of Sacre Coeur, watch the world go by from a Parisian coffee shop, delve into culture at the Louvre, and take a breathtaking cruise along the River Seine.

11) Verona, Italy

Verona – “the city lovers” is the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Home to culture and charm, you’ll fall head over heels for this unique city.

5 things to do:

  • visit Roman Amphitheatre Arena di Verona
  • visit the balcony dedicated to Juliet
  • see the beauty of Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore
  • explore the beauty of Verona Old Town
  • take part in a wine tasting tour.

12) Sydney, Australia

It’s no surprise that Sydney, Australia is one of the top solo female travel destinations and singles vacations over 30. The city just has so much to offer!

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • Catch a show at Sydney Opera House
  • explore Paddy’s Markets
  • soak up the sun at Bondi Beach
  • climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • explore Sydney’s museums.

13) Barcelona, Spain

Architecture and modern culture collide in Barcelona, one of the most unique cities to visit if you’re looking for unmissable singles vacations over 30.

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do: experience the exquisite Sagrada Familia, discover Park Guell, wander the Gothic Quarter, dine in authentic tapas bars and enjoy swimming at the beach.

14) Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is one of our top recommendations for solo vacations over 30.

5 things to do:

  • visit Oceanario de Lisboa
  • explore the history of Alfama’s old streets
  • stop off at the museum
  • admire architecture at Praca do Comercio
  • relax at the beach.

15) Tokyo, Japan

If you’re looking for culture and excitement out of your holiday, look no further for singles vacations over 30. Japan will captivate you with its eclectic attractions.

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • take in mesmerising views from Tokyo Skytree
  • step back in time at Sensō-ji temple
  • discover the magic at Tokyo Disneyland
  • try sushi at Odaiba and spot cherry blossom around the city.

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16) Cape Cod, United States

Experience the vintage charm of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Take one of the most scenic solo road trips and see the breathtaking East Coast.

solo vacations over 30

5 things to do: explore the beautiful Cape Cod National Seashore, spend a day on Nantucket island, wander the towns of Martha’s Vineyard, take a whale watching boat trip and indulge at charming seafood restaurants.

17) Florence, Italy

One of the most enchanting cities in the world, Florence should definitely be on your list of singles vacations over 30!

It is one of the very best solo female travel destinations.

5 things to do:

  • discover the centrepiece of the city, Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore
  • find yourself swept away by Renaissance art at The Uffizi
  • see Michelangelo’s most famous work of art
  • treat yourself to gelato and paddle board along the Arno River.

18) Seattle, United States

There are an array of things to do alone in Seattle.

This scenic seaport had to be on our list of solo road trips and singles vacations over 30.

singles vacations over 30

5 things to do:

  • explore the winding alleys of Seattle’s historic market
  • enjoy amazing views from the Space Needle
  • admire sculptures at Chihuly Garden and Glass
  • visit the Museum of Pop Culture
  • watch the world go by from the world’s very first Starbucks.

19) Colorado, United States

Without a doubt one of the most incredible solo road trips to embark on, explore the best of Colorado against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

5 things to do:

  • take time to explore the unique city of Boulder – named the happiest place in the US.
  • hike at Hanging Lake
  • catch a show at the unique Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
  • discover Denver’s museum
  • take in the beauty of nature at Rocky Mountain National Park.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best solo road trips and singles vacations over 30.

Before you head off on the adventure of your dreams, check out our guide to 35 purse essentials!

35 Useful Purse Essentials to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you’re in college, work or travelling back and forth, having the the most useful purse essentials will make your life a lot easier!

From handy bobby pins, to emergency sanitary products, our guide to what’s in my purse has got you covered, so you never forget to bring the best must haves in your purse.

Check out our helpful list of 35 purse essentials…

Purse Essentials

1) Make Up wipes

You’d be surprised how many times make up wipes come in handy once you start carrying them! Apart from proving useful when eye make up smudges, they’re also great for freshening up after a long train or plane journey.

2) Concealer

A good concealer is a must for ladies who are on the go. Sometimes you just need that little top up throughout the day to brighten up your complexion and disguise any dark eye circles that are lingering.

3) Bobby pins/scrunchies

How many times have you reached into your purse for a clip or scrunchie and been disappointed to find there isn’t one? Bobby pins and scrunchies are one of our top purse essentials, especially on days when the weather leaves us a little windswept.

4) A biro pen

One of the most timeless purse essentials is a good old fashioned pen. The number of times you’re asked if you have a pen by a colleague, or end up needing one while you’re out and about will surprise you when you have one!

5) Diary or notepad

If your purse is fairly sizeable, it’s well worth carrying a small diary or notepad, especially if you’re off to work or you’ll be travelling throughout the day. This handy addition to your purse will ensure that you always feel organised.

6) Tissues

This one is simple; you never know when you’re going to need a tissue! Friends and colleagues will also thank you for this handy purse essential when they’re in need of one.

7) Phone cable or charger

Carrying a spare charging cable for your phone or buying an affordable portable phone charger is one of the best purse essentials to have. Perfect for ladies with longer commutes or jobs that drain your phone battery usage throughout the day.

8) Lip balm

Another classic on our list of purse essentials! You’ll never regret having lip balm in your bag, especially during the colder months of the year.

9) Mints

Ideal if you’ve got a long day ahead of you and will be eating multiple meals before you get a chance to brush your teeth again.

10) Floss

Sometimes mints just don’t cut it, and that’s where a handy mini packet of floss will save the day. The perfect way to feel refreshed after lunch.

11) A wallet

An obvious one, but a sizeable wallet is one of our must have purse essentials, ideally with compartments for your card, ID and any other bits and pieces you might carry.

12) Sunglasses

One of our go-to purse essentials in the summer, sunglasses are easy to forget to add to your bag in the morning, but you’ll be glad you did when the afternoon rays come out.

13) Water bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. We recommend having a reusable water bottle in your bag wherever you go – buying plastic water bottles every day adds up for both your bank account and the environment!

14) Make up bag

Nobody wants to open their bag and discover their setting powder or foundation has exploded everywhere. A secure make up bag is the most practical way to carry your make up must haves.

15) Blusher

One of our go-to purse essentials is a blusher that will bring a touch of brightness and colour to your look. The ultimate way to enhance your natural features.

16) Headphones

If you’re someone who loves to liven up your day with a podcast or music, headphones should definitely be on your list of purse essentials! This is one of our personal must haves for a day of commuting back and forth.

17) Mascara

Mascara is a must for packing purse essentials. This go-to make up product is all you need to enhance your eyes and add some glamour to your everyday look.

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18) Book

The next on our list of purse essentials is a must for those who enjoy reading. Bringing a book in your bag will offer a refreshing alternative to scrolling through social media when you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

19) A snack

Enough said. Nobody is ever disappointed to find a snack in their purse!

20) Keys

Everybody’s purse essential, don’t forget to keep your keys nice and safe in your bag.

21) Deodorant

Bring deodorant in your bag and you’ll never have to worry about your morning roll of deodorant running out on a busy day.

22) Perfume

Freshen up with some fragrance! We recommend investing in a portable mini perfume bottle to add to your purse essentials, the ultimate travel-size item.

23) Handcream

Some purse essentials stand the test of time, and you’d always find a soothing hand cream in our list of what’s in my purse.

24) Sanitary products

It’s handy to always have a few sanitary products in your handbag. This is another purse essential that you’ll always be grateful you packed when you need them!

25) Lipstick

purse essentials

One of our favourite purse essentials is a lipstick that will take your look from day to night. Whether it’s a bold red or a subtle nude, a matte lipstick is the perfect way to go from fresh faced in the morning to sophisticated in the evening.

26) Cleanser

The next on our list of purse essentials is a small cleanser. This is an absolute must for travelling or going abroad. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your favourite cleanser and knowing your skin will break out.

27) Hair brush

A definite purse essential!

28) Face pack

A face pack may not be the most obvious of purse essentials, but you’ll thank yourself later if you’re going on a train journey or have a long flight. What better way to feel refreshed and relaxed?

29) Reusable coffee cup

The next item on our list of purse essentials is something we hope you’ll see more and more on ‘what’s in my purse’ articles and videos! A reusable coffee cup is a must for ladies who are trying to be kinder to the environment.

30) Pain relief tablets

For when you just can’t shake that headache or have stomach cramps.

31) Dry Shampoo

Oh the joys of dry shampoo! This life saver had to be on our list of purse essentials, especially for when you’re going away for a night and might not have a chance to wash your hair.

32) Something special

Whether it’s a photograph of someone you love, or a reminder of a special holiday, why not add something personal to your purse essentials? A simple way to make yourself smile throughout the day.

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33) Hand Sanitiser

Keep the bugs at bay with hand sanitiser, ideal for if you’re out and about and likely to pick up germs.

34) Plasters

You never know when your new shoes might start rubbing!

35) Umbrella

Because if like us, you live somewhere rainy, it’s better to be prepared!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best purse essentials!

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How to Make Acne Less Red

As body reactions and processes happen, we can expect a lot of manifestations including pimples or acne. Acne comes when bacteria attack the skin or when stuff like dead skin clogs the hair follicles. They occur as blemishes, bumps, irritation, and discolor the skin to red or other colors around the affected area. Though not the end of the world, acne can be particularly maddening when it’s a forehead swelling when you need to be in a meeting somewhere.

You might sleep with clear skin overnight but when you wake up, you find a pimple or acne on your face. Often, you feel as though you have four things to do about it: conceal it from people, come up with excuses and blame insect bites anytime someone notices them, accept the acne as it is, or work hard to treat them before you can meet anyone. Option #4 is easier said than done. 

Removing acne or making it less red requires a lot of cautious approaches. This does not involve popping it open or scratching it off your face. Doing this will make your face or skin more red and inflamed. Fortunately, there are plenty of other things you can do to make acne less red and treat them as well.

Purchase the Right Cleaning Products and Medications

Using wrong products on your skin will aggravate acne presence. When you go to the stores, look for alcohol-free cleansing products and those that are not astringents. Gentle products will not leave you dry, and won’t support the development of acne. Products with fragrance tend to make pimples worse. So avoid them as well.

Over the counter medications can minimize acne from appearing red. Most of these are applied directly to the skin in the affected areas. You don’t want to use strong medications at first. Try out the less strong meds before you go for the stronger options. Two percent of Benzoyl peroxide is one of the ingredients to consider in your treatment because it does not irritate the skin. Also, look for tea tree oil, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and sulfur ingredients.

Whatever medicine you buy, follow the user instructions accordingly. Some medications might make your skin susceptible to sunburn. And if you are already taking other medications, ensure they do not react to cause more bodily harm. Take note that medications might cause flaking and acne redness in the first few weeks, thus not the best when you are seeking immediate results.

Clean Your Face Twice Every Day

To tackle the redness of acne, you need to reduce the inflammation and make it hard for bacteria infections to happen. By making the effort to clean your face twice every day and anytime you are involved in a sweaty activity, you avoid developing red acne. Just ensure you wash gently with mild soap or cleanser and warm water (not too hot or too cold) for one minute. No scrubbing or scratching here! The skin is a sensitive organ and when it has acne, it becomes extra delicate.

Dead skin worsens acne and increases the production of skin oil that increases pimples. Fortunately, you can avoid dead skin from building up by moisturizing daily. Consider products with hyaluronic acid and glycerin. You can also pick formulations that are recommended by dermatologists with the ability to reduce redness.

Try Herbal Remedies

If you have a spirit for natural stuff, herbal remedies might be an exciting solution to acne redness. However, you need to approach with caution because natural or organic does not guarantee the safety and healthiness of the remedies. Seek a physician’s (particularly a dermatologist’s) help on this to find out if it is a good option for your skin or not. Some of the recommendations you might get include green tea extract that you should apply to the affected areas regularly. Aloe Vera also works in the same way. Brewers yeast is taken orally to benefit the skin but leads to blotting in some people.

Use a Homemade Acne Scar Mask

You can make your own acne scar facial masks at home to reduce the inflammation and redness of acne. The first one is the daily aspirin mask. Take four to five tablets of aspirin and crush them then mix with water to produce a paste. Apply it gently on the affected parts and wait for it to dry then rinse off with warm water. Don’t try this method if you get allergic reactions from aspirin.

You can also use a mixture of equal measures of honey and yogurt to make an acne scar face mask. Then apply the mixture on the acne-affected areas and let it stay for about 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. This move will help soothe the affected area and reduce the red marks. Another alternative is covering the inflamed areas with cucumber slices for about eight minutes. Your skin will leverage the astringent properties in this vegetable to cool the acne and get rid of redness. The cooler the cucumber the better it handles inflammation.

If you are looking for a quick way how to get rid of blotchy skin or immediate solution to red acne, applying a green concealer. The problem with this solution is that it does not match all skin tones. It might look odd on you but is a great solution if you are looking for a short term solution to get rid of the redness.

Visit a Dermatologist

A dermatologist should be the one you visit when you are not sure about skincare solutions. They are trained specialists who understand various medications for your skin conditions. They might offer you oral medication, direct skin application drugs, or administer shots like cortisone and other steroid injections. If you are interested in skincare advice, they are the best people to ask your questions and raise concerns as well.


Taking care of your skin is a journey that never stops. If you are clean, use skin safe cosmetics, and eat nutritious food, acne won’t be a concern for you unless it is hereditary. If your condition persists, seek medical help from a dermatologist.

How to Improve Your Monday Mood

Nobody looks forward to Monday, it’s a universal truth. I doubt anyone has ever woken up and actually looked forward to their first day back at work after a lovely weekend. It’s totally normal to feel this way, but does this actually have to be the case? Do we have to wake up and live with that ever-present Monday mood? I certainly don’t think so, and I think it’s about time we dealt with the Monday blues once and for all! Here are a few things I think can help when it comes to facing the start of the work week. 

Go To Bed Early

I’ll confess that I’m the worst when it comes to this – I spend last Sunday night binge watching All or Nothing and drinking pink gin when I should have been getting an early night. Suffice to say, this did nothing to improve my mood when I woke up the next morning. Had I been sensible, and gone to bed early, I could have guaranteed my Monday would have gone a lot smoother. I know the temptation to stretch Sunday out for as long as possible is strong, but you’ll only end up suffering in the long run. 

Wake Up Early

This seems counterintuitive considering the last bit of advice, but ‘early to bed, early to rise’ genuinely works. Giving yourself those few extra minutes in the morning can help alleviate some of that Monday morning stress. Give yourself a little time to prepare for the day ahead instead of rushing around – you’ll thank yourself later.

Prepare yourself

Taking a little time out on Sunday evening just to prepare for Monday can ease quite a bit of Monday morning anxiety. Lay out the clothes you’re going to wear the next day to save yourself some time getting ready. Having an outfit prepared and ready to wear doesn’t just save you precious minutes in the morning, it encourages you to pick out an outfit that’ll make you feel good all day long. If you’re used to fumbling around last-minute for a dirty pair of jeans, you’ll get a mood boost from a freshly washed, well put together outfit.

Play Some Relaxing Music

This morning I woke up and, on a whim, put on the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack, on my record player. It’s not my go to music, but for 8am on a Monday morning, it certainly chilled me out. I was sat on the train listening to some slow folksy music on Spotify only an hour later. I wasn’t blasting dance tracks, just something light and relaxing to get me in the mood for the day. Setting the tone with some nice, gentle music certainly helped me cope with my usual Monday mood. 

Take a Book With You

Books - Monday Mood

If you’re commuting, take some reading material. Stick your phone on airplane mode and get stuck into a book. Taking the time to indulge in a bit of literature can help you forget all about your Monday mood. It can also help you pass the time and distract you from the stresses of public transport. Reading offers you a little light escapism, broadens your mind and is definitely less toxic than trawling through social media.


woman practicing yoga at home

This one is the hardest one to implement for some, but even a little bit goes a long way. Even something as simple as walking to work is a great start. If you live within walking distance to your workplace, pop in your headphones and take a nice scenic walk. Fitting in an early morning gym session might not be feasible, but some light yoga at home before you shower doesn’t need to eat up too much time. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll get in shape too – looking after physical health is a guaranteed way to beat that Monday mood.

Take a Breather

I feel like this bit of advice is the most overlooked, especially on a Monday. Everyone is trying so hard to get back into the weekday routine that no one stops just to give themselves a break. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, but even just sneaking a few minutes for a quick water will do you a world of good. This actually leads on to my next point…

Stay Hydrated

This is one of the easiest things to overlook in maintaining a positive outlook – especially on a Monday when you’re rushed off your feet. Staying adequately hydrated is incredibly important and will absolutely help you beat those Monday blues. Coffee and tea are no substitute for a good glass of water. Energy drinks are a big no-no; you’ll enjoy the immediate boost they give, but the crash isn’t worth it. A great way to motivate yourself to drink water in the morning is to infuse some water with fruit before bed. There are hundreds of fruit infusion combinations that will make staying hydrated far more exciting. Knowing you have a healthy, refreshing drink ready each morning will make you far more likely to keep on top of your daily dose of H2O.

Eat Healthy

Healthy Food - Monday Mood

It’s easy to slip into bad habits when things are stressful. After all, if you’ve had a bad day, why wouldn’t you treat yourself to a McDonalds on the way home. If you’ve followed my advice about exercise & hydration, you may as well eat healthy too. As the saying goes, a healthy body is a healthy mind. If you look after your body with good food and proper nutrition, you may see a change in your outlook. 

Keep an Eye on your Mental Health

If your Monday mood stretches out into the rest of the week, this may be a sign of bigger problems. Perhaps you’re being overworked, or are suffering from stress, or even depression. Monday blues are always going to be a part of the standard work week – but if you think you’re exhibiting symptoms of something worse, don’t hesitate to reach out

Mondays are probably never going to be the most loved day of the week, but with just a few simple steps, you can hate them a little less. A little time and thought can ease the burden of the first day back at work. Taking the time to make small adjustments to make the day more bearable can even lead to you making long term improvements. Who knows, maybe one day, your Monday mood might even be a good mood.

Why Do Women Get Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness happens in most pregnant women in the initial stages of their pregnancy (between 8 and 14 weeks). It manifests as vomiting and nausea in four out of five pregnant women. To some people, this is an initial sign that one is pregnant before the pregnancy bump can grow. Women will experience morning sickness differently, at varied times, and uniquely with each pregnancy. While in some women it lasts up to the fourth month, in others it will run till the end of their pregnancy. And it happens at any time of the day (don’t be confused by its name). Some pregnant women are awakened by morning sickness at night.

Morning sickness rarely ends in complications, but it would not be strange if it happened. Severe cases lead to dehydration because of excessive vomiting. It might lead to an imbalance in body chemistry as well. To women who are unable to handle the effects of morning sickness, you can get anti-morning sickness drug prescriptions to help you have a safe pregnancy. Morning sickness can interfere with your life like in those it is causing third-trimester nausea since the beginning of the pregnancy. Such women can get pregnancy-safe medication to soothe their pain. But why do women get morning sickness?

There are no conclusive reasons why women get morning sickness. We only have a few research-based explanations from different schools of thought about why this could be happening in most women. The causes of morning sickness include:


Geneticists at UCLA have studied this condition and are convinced that morning sickness runs in the genes. They have identified genes that induce nausea and vomiting when one is pregnant. These genes also affect one’s appetite to reduce the amount of food they eat. They are even working out probable medication that they believe will treat morning sickness. However, the researchers are not ruling out other causes of morning sickness yet. They think it is still possible that there are other contributors to vomiting and nausea during pregnancy, which they do not specify.

Protection of the Fetus and Mother

Morning sickness is triggered when a pregnant woman sees, smells, or tastes vegetables that have strong tastes, meats, alcohol, cigarettes, among other consumables. Such foodstuffs are known to have chemicals that can potentially affect a healthy pregnancy. As you can surmise, morning sickness could be a reaction of the body to protect the fetus and the mother from the possibility of consuming harmful substances. Scientists who agree with this reason say that this explains why it happens at the period when the baby and mother are predisposed to chemical interference, which occurs when the pregnancy is under four months.

In situations where the mother and child are susceptible to these effects all through the pregnancy, morning sickness persists all through as well. You might be wondering, why doesn’t morning sickness happen to animals? According to this theory, humans eat a range of foods and the diet possibly develops this defense mechanism. Morning sickness in the middle of the night may happen because of smelling unwanted stuff in the air. But not every scientist agrees with this concept.

Reassurance of Pregnancy

The hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is produced in plenty during the first few months of the pregnancy, causing nausea and vomiting. When does morning sickness go away? It starts disappearing about the fourth month when the production of this hormone lowers. Therefore, scientists who accept this theory widely agree on the concept that the body reacts to the generation of this hormone, making it an early sign that someone is pregnant. The feeling of pregnancy excites most first time mothers and morning sickness quenches the anxiety one might have when wondering if they are pregnant or not. When a woman is expecting twins or triplets, morning sickness becomes even more prominent.

Research seems to confirm that there are higher rates of miscarriage in women who do not experience morning sickness or get little of it. This research shows that these women may miscarry because they have lower levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

A Reminder to Eat Well for the Pregnancy

Morning sickness becomes worse on an empty stomach. This could be an indicator for the pregnant mother to eat well to nurture their pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, they need to eat as frequently as possible – not the conventional breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine. At some point, one has to sleep with a few snacks next to the bed to wake up on the following morning or whenever they need it at night. The choice of meals is subjective to individuals. As long as it helps you overcome most episodes of morning sickness, that would be great. Just make sure you don’t give in to cravings that don’t provide enough nutrition for you and your baby. 

Eat bland starches like rice, bread, and pasta. And since water doesn’t sit well with nausea, you can take flavored and carbonated drinks to fill up the required eight glasses of water. Watermelon is a great fruit that contains a lot of water that you might enjoy. Take fruits and vegetables as well.

Stress to the Body and Mind

Pregnant women tend to have more morning sickness when their bodies and minds are under stress. Physical fatigue during pregnancy caused by activities like traveling and hard work contribute to morning sickness. This happens because sugar levels are reduced in the body. Emotional stress or mental strain also plays a part in increasing morning sickness. Researches show that this stress changes the normal functioning of the brain to induce nausea and vomiting.

Seek Help When Complications Arise

Morning sickness can cause complications to some women, particularly in their first-time pregnancy. One should seek medical help when they don’t pee within eight hours or when they do, the urine is dark. When you are unable to keep food at all, feel dizzy, weak, or exhausted, seeing a physician is ideal. Also, when you lose weight and experience abdominal pain, call your midwife to ascertain that you and your baby are safe. Morning sickness treatments vary from an individual to another; you need to work around solutions with your diet and doctor’s advice, plus prescription as well.

How to Get Rid of a Pimple in an Hour

You feel an itch on your face and reach out your finger to calm it only to touch a bump. When you look in the mirror, it is a horrifying red pimple. What is wrong? I was fine the last time checked! Now, you’re looking up at the clock and realising that you’ll need to get rid of a pimple in an hour. Don’t worry, this is a common experience that happens to most people. Adult acne can develop at any time and anywhere on your face. What’s funny is that pimples tend to occur when you have to meet your favorite person or when planning to attend an important event. To some, it might be small bumps on forehead while to others it could be the biggest zit ever!

To women, a pimple on the face can be a deal-breaker. The natural action that often follows is to wage war against it. However, if you’re trying to get rid of a pimple in an hour, you don’t want to aggravate the skin so much. People use all manner of tools and medications to combat pimples. But you have to be careful to avoid making the situation worse. We’ve all heard horror stories of people have using substances that turned little bumps on forehead into serious medical conditions spread all over their skin.

There are plenty of treatments (both natural and medical) that you can use to clear pimples. Some take a few days, while others will take weeks to be effective. But in our case, you only have one hour to make your face look smooth again. Fortunately, we have sought out expert advice on how to get rid of it and we’ve rounded up the perfect solutions to tackle these skin intruders. But before then, let us understand what causes that pimple to form on your face.

How do Pimples Happen?

One of the reasons you might get a pimple on your face is when sebaceous glands produce too much oil in your skin plus bacteria infection on the skin surface. Also, hormonal changes could be responsible for acne development. In this case, pimples can develop during your menstruation or pregnancy. What we consume might also contribute to the development of pimples on our skin. Smokers, for instance, are more susceptible to acne than those who don’t smoke.

It is important to mention that makeup is a major contributor to acne development in women as well. It easily clogs your skin pores, which then motivates the development of skin acne. All these factors plus stress, the pimples become worse. People react to foods differently. If you suspect that a particular food affects you, quit eating or drinking it. Here are the best ways you can get rid of your pimples within an hour’s time.

Avoid Touching Your Face

The most tempting move you might make is picking on or popping the pimple. Pimples thrive when you touch them. You pick or pop them, and they become inflammatory, making you want to do it even further. By the time you are through, it leaves behind a sour and ugly scar. Dermatologists say that if you give in to the urge of scratching the pimple, it takes longer to heal. Besides, your hands could be dirty, which might introduce bacteria to the skin and create an oily environment where they can grow and result in more pimples.

Clean Your Face

The makeup you used may be causing the pimple to develop. You might also be experiencing sweat acne. Bacteria development, because of coming in contact with dirt, could be the issue as well. Active oil glands that meet pollution, plus makeup are a potential breeding ground for pimples. What do you do then? Wash your face. If you want to get rid of a pimple in an hour, you’ll at least need fresh skin. You need warm water and mild soap (it should not contain fragrance) to gently wash off all the dirt. After that, pat the face dry.

Your acne treatment product will come in handy after your face is clean. Ensure it has only 2% of benzoyl peroxide that will help kill any bacteria in the affected place. Apply it directly to the pimple. Rub lightly to make a thin layer on the skin to avoid irritation. The pimple should have shrunk back within an hour. When you apply your makeup to leave for the meeting, it will be barely visible. Just make sure you choose your beauty products carefully. You don’t want anything oil-based that will contribute to blocking your pores. Instead, go for a mineral makeup that does the opposite.

Use Warm and Cold Compress

Another quick way how to shrink a pimple is to use a warm compress. Take a clean towel and place it in hot water. Squeeze and use the warm towel against the swelling for about 12 minutes. Besides leveling back the pimple, you’ll be soothing any itch that comes with it. This move will help you clean the skin and remove the pus without having to pop the pimple with a sharp object.

Cold compress is great if the pimple is particularly sour and painful as well. Just wrap an ice cube in a clean piece of cloth and press as you rub the area for up to ten minutes. Take ten minutes breaks as you repeat the process. Doing this will prompt a whitehead to develop with pus underneath the skin. When this happens, apply a warm towel at the pimple for about 12 minutes to relieve the pus. Your skin surface might become red because of the activity, but this should not be a major concern since it will go back to normal within a few minutes.

See a Dermatologist

If you have to get rid of a pimple in an hour and cannot use the methods described above, the best and safest way to go is to visit a dermatologist nearby. A dermatologist specializes in skin problems and will treat and give you advice for future prevention. They will administer a cortisone shot or any other relevant medication to treat your situation. The treatments you get will soothe your pain and eliminate the pimple without leaving marks.

In situations where the pimple is big and red, they can prescribe treatments that will help you maintain your complexion. Sometimes the extent of your acne might not be possible to treat at home. A dermatologist can help. To seek a physicians help is also how to heal a popped pimple fast.

How to Clean a Curling Iron

Like a lot of women, a curling iron is one of the best tools in my arsenal. If I’m feeling a little frumpy, lots of bouncy curls helps me feel like myself again. I use mine alongside other products to make curls that last far longer than a blow dry. The problem, however, is that during its use, it attracts a lot of dirt and develops an unsightly layer of various hair products plus shreds of hair. The mess (hairspray residue, burnt hair smell, and gumminess) eventually becomes an issue that will prevent you from using it. The hair smells burnt, the handle sticks in your arms, and it starts convincing you to replace the curling tool. That why it’s important to learn how to clean a curling iron properly.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to clean a flat iron let alone do the same to a curling iron. For this reason, we’ve sought help from professional hairdressers and cosmetologists who have first-hand experience and expertise with frequent cleaning of beauty tools.

Get the Cleaning Supplies

Don’t worry. You don’t need to invest in special equipment to clean your curling iron. Probably, you already have some of these things around your home. Get rubbing alcohol that will help to disinfect, clean, and remove stains from your curling rod without leaving behind an unwanted smell. Baking soda will do the same thing, but it’s more useful as an abrasive that cleans off hair spray and eliminate the burnt hair smell. Comet is another great alternative.

You’ll also need a brush. The best alternative here is your used toothbrush that will help you reach the nooks and crannies of the tool easily. But ensure it is very clean to be effective. Don’t forget to get a damp rag for wiping away moisture and residues on the curling iron. You might need water and a small bowl as well to create your baking soda paste. After cleaning, you’ll need to dry the tool. So, get a clean napkin plus a towel to wipe the cleaners off your hair curling tool.

Turn the Curling Iron Off

Some people prefer cleaning this tool while it is hot because the chemicals are easier to melt and scrub off. However, that is better left to the experts. You don’t want to sustain burn injuries while cleaning your curling iron. You will still achieve great results when you use the right cleaning supplies – you don’t need a hot curling iron. Just turn it off and allow it to lose its heat for several minutes. Remember to unplug it also to avoid any chances of electrocution as you clean.

Get the Hairspray Off

Submerging the curling iron in a liquid is not part of how to remove hairspray buildup. That can interfere with its electronic system and damage it. Instead, start by wetting your rag with the rubbing alcohol (performs better) or water and use it to wipe down the curling iron. You’ll need to concentrate your scrubbing more in places with more hairspray. Scrub in all directions to eliminate all layers of hairspray residue.

The longer hairspray has been on the tool, the harder it will be to get it off. Lift the clasp and wipe underneath it. Do the same to the clasp as well as the handle. Some curling irons have venting spaces, requiring you to be cautious not to get any liquid in the unit. If your tool does not have a heavy hairspray build up, you won’t need to go past this stage. Just wipe it dry using a clean rag or paper towel, let it dry for a few minutes in open space to get rid of all moisture, and store.

Use Baking Soda Paste for Tough Residue

If you have an old curling iron that has sticky hair and stubborn hairspray residue, you can use a baking powder paste to eliminate it. While rubbing alcohol evaporates fast, this soda paste will stay where you put it as long as you need it. Also, compared to water and rubbing alcohol, this paste creates a thicker lining that adds traction for scrubbing during the cleaning process.

Make this paste in the bowl in the ratio of one measure of water against three measures of baking soda. When ready, insert or dank the toothbrush bristles in the solution and rub the dirty areas on your tool. Apply the necessary pressure while scrubbing to remove all the dirt as far as you can see and reach.

How to clean a sticky iron? Just rub alcohol or baking soda paste on the gummy surface as you scrub with your toothbrush. This is good enough to remove the sticky residue even in the hidden joints.

The paste will stick on your curling iron when you clean. Wash your hands and get a dry napkin to clean and dry off the cleaner. A towel wipe will ensure you don’t leave any water on the tool. Just to be sure your curling iron is dry, leave it in the open for several hours. This move will ensure you don’t use it with bits of water left on the surfaces as it can lead to electrocution.

Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Once your hair curling tool is clean, wash your bowl, brush, and rags as well for future use. They just saved you from spending a lot of money on a new curling iron and they will do the same in the future – so they deserve it! The goal is to remove all residue they might be holding to be useful next time.

It takes just a few minutes of your time to make your curling iron look like new again. And in the same manner is how to clean a hair straightener and how to clean a flat iron, plus most hair tools out there. Just ensure your safety first, get your tools in place, and work on your curling tool. It takes about ten minutes, and you’ll be through with the process. Do this regularly to avoid stubborn hairspray stains. It is that easy and fast!

9 Valentine’s Day Dinner Party Ideas

Are you bored with the annual fuss of Valentine’s Day? Looking to spice up that yearly Valentine’s Day dinner party? Perhaps you’re new to dating and are looking for tips on how to make your evening special. Well, here are 9 ways you can make your evening a little more interesting. 

Give It A Theme 

It’s easy enough to have a standard Valentine’s Day dinner – a candlelit table for two will do in a pinch, but it’s also a tad boring. Try spicing up your romantic dinner by introducing a theme. It doesn’t have to be too dramatic, just something to add flair to your evening. Do you and your partner have something you both enjoy? Try planning your dinners theme around that. Perhaps you both love the same movie – you could have that serve as the inspiration for your evening. 

Make It A Group Event

As they say, the more the merrier. Do you know other couples who’ll be having their own Valentine’s Day dinners? You should consider inviting them along. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, this is an easy way to spice up what might now be a routine dinner. If this is a first date, inviting mutual friends can help alleviate any awkward silences. No one wants to be lost for words during the early stages of a relationship – having friends around can really be a helpful ice breaker during those awkward moments.

Play Party Games

If you are having a group dinner, what better way to spice up your evening than by playing games? Obviously, I’m not suggesting you play monopoly, but playing some form of group game can really shake up your evening. For the more reserved amongst you, something simple like (game) might do. For the more adventurous types, how about something spicier, like a saucy dice game? If you’re in a new relationship, a simple drinking game is a fun way to get to know one another. I’d recommend saving the drinking games for after dinner however. 

Try Going Somewhere New

Valentine's Day dinner

If you’re in a long-term relationship, consider using this Valentine’s Day dinner as an excuse to switch things up. Instead of going to your usual date night location, try going somewhere new and exciting. Has a new restaurant opened in your area? Take you and your significant other there. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in the same routines. Even something as simple as going to a whole new restaurant is a fantastic way to refresh your relationship a little.

Make it Personal

If you’ve been together for a long time, it’s very easy to fall into a Valentine’s Day routine. Doing the same thing year after year is boring, so try making this year’s Valentine’s Day dinner a little unique. Maybe you could make your evening a little more DIY? Cook a three-course meal based around your partner’s favourite foods. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture either. If you and your significant other aren’t into the traditional Valentine’s Day dinners, do something that feels more you. Into staying indoors? Stick on a movie and order a takeaway. Are you the outdoorsy type? Instead of dinner, how about a nice Valentine’s Day Picnic. 

Make Dinner Together

Preparing a personalised dinner for your significant other is pretty romantic, but what about doing it together? If you’re in the early stages of a relationship, this is a great way to bond. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. You can get to know each other’s culinary habits while making the perfect dinner for the two of you. For those who are in more long-term situations, this is a great way to rekindle the flame between you. There’s nothing quite like cooking together to make you feel sparks again. 

Make a Healthy Change

Valentine's Day dinner
Healthy Food

Valentine’s Day is a very indulgent holiday – all the adverts are trying to sell you romantic chocolates. It’s definitely not the healthiest day of the year, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Take this opportunity to make a healthy change with you and your partner. Chances are you’ve already tried getting healthy for the new year, so why not carry on now. Swap out the fancy feast for something healthy – perhaps a low fat chicken salad for dinner and a fruit platter for dessert. 

Make a Day of It

It’s Valentine’s Day, not Halloween – you don’t have to restrict yourself to just going out in the evening. Have you and your partner book the day off work and make a day of it. Have breakfast in bed, go for a romantic walk and enjoy your time together. Do something before your evening meal like go to a museum or see a movie. The meal is only one small part of the day. Something as simple as enjoying your day with your partner is a great way to spice up your Valentine’s Day dinner. You’ll appreciate the meal so much more if you’ve had a loving day together.


Valentine's Day Dinner
Chocolate Cake

As a counterpoint to my earlier suggestion of doing something healthy, why not go all out? After all, it’s the one day of the year you’re really supposed to go all out in showing your love. Why shouldn’t this extend to your Valentine’s Day dinner? You and your partner can enjoy a giant, guilt-free, chocolate cake or an indulgent banquet of your choice. Seeing as most meals of the year are just a routine affair, why not make a big deal out of this one? It’s only one day of the year so there’s no harm in giving in to a bit of temptation, is there?