Every woman regardless of whether she lives in a studio apartment or in a big spacious house needs to have certain items that will help improve her quality of life.

Many women sometimes take happiness for granted and often sacrifice their own for those they love. But it is okay to sometimes kick back relax and enjoy quality time in the company of your own home.

These are the top 10 things that every woman should have at home.

1. Bottles for Hydration

Many of us are so preoccupied with stuff around the house that we completely forget to drink water only doing so when we are thirsty. However staying hydrated has plenty of benefits such as achieving a supple and radiant skin, flushing out toxins from the body, and getting healthy kidneys.

A good way to stay hydrated whether at home or on the go is to carry your own freshwater in a bottle. A nice looking water bottle is not only fun to carry around but makes you want to keep drinking from it thus helping to keep you hydrated.

2. A Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Imagine coming home to a dirty house. Instead of relaxing, you will need to first pick up the broom and dustpan and clean your house.

Only then can you chill back, relax, and enjoy a quiet evening. However, let’s be honest! The hassle of cleaning can sometimes cause us to procrastinate causing the house to become dirtier over time.

A great way to get around this is to have a quality vacuum cleaner. You can get the floors and carpet cleaned in no time allowing you to have even more time to recuperate after a long day.

3. A Great Piece of Art

Your house should be a place that makes you happy. One way of achieving this is to have a painting or piece of art that you simply love to look at. Granted art should be stylish and trendy but it should also be something that you enjoy.
During those slow days when you just want to be a couch potato and reminisce, a nice piece of art will uplift your moods and help you enjoy your living space.

4. Tools

Who said women can’t fix stuff around the house? You are a strong and capable woman who can hang art, paint a wall, repair a leaky pipe, or replace tiles. All you will need is the right YouTube video and a good set of tools.
Head out to the nearest department store and get yourself a toolbox containing a hammer, pliers, tape measure, and screwdriver.

What’s more, if you are into DIY projects, you will need wood cutting tools such as a circular saw, orbital sander, power drill, and jigsaw.

5. A Coffee Maker

Forget heading out to Starbucks every time you want your dose of coffee. Even better is to make your favourite type of coffee at home. For that you will need a good quality coffee maker.

Whether you like French-pressed, cappuccino, artisanal beans, or a foamy-milk latte, a good quality coffee maker or espresso machine can make your day.

What’s more, is that starting your day the right way will put you in the right mood to become even more productive.

6. Cook Books

Now I know what you are thinking? Why do you need a cookbook when you can always search for ingredients online?

However as many of you ladies who love to cook will agree, nothing beats flipping through physical pages as you try to create a delicious dish. There is an intimate sense of indulgence when using cookbooks.

7. Wine Glasses

Every woman wants to indulge in some wine as they watch a movie or just for self-care. For this, you will require a set of wine glasses.

The number will depend on how many visitors you can get and whether you need to enjoy a good bottle of wine with your close friends every once in a while. A good number is between 4 to half a dozen wine glasses.

8. Blender

It is important to not only live happily but to also eat healthily. One of the ways you can do this is by consuming more fruits or even better, natural fruit juice.

To help you make the juice, you will need a blender. But not just any blender. A simple blender that is easy to use and easy to clean. If you got a complicated blender, then chances are you would not use it.

9. Bring in Plants

Nothing gets you to reconnect with nature quite like greenery. What’s more, is that it can be an excellent home décor element.

House plants do well when placed in an area receiving plenty of natural light. You can place the plant next to a window.

If you are a naturally caring and nurturing woman, then you will enjoy the task of tending to your house plants. An even better idea is to plant a herb garden where you keep plants that you can cook and that make food taste delicious.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the expertise to take care of plants that need tending, then you always have the option of bringing home a cactus. There is no excuse for living in a house without greenery.

10. Essentials to Help You Work From Home

You may spend the majority of your working hours at the office. But sometimes you may be required to bring work home especially on days when you need to meet a deadline.

Furthermore, you may also have a side hustle that requires you to work on it when you are at home.

While you do not need to invest in an entire office, having the right essentials for working from home can help you boost your productivity and creativity levels when away from the office. Invest in a desk, paper holder, a desk lamp, and a productivity schedule.