Every woman wants to look beautiful and confident to be able to express herself fully. It makes us feel attractive and wanted.

That said, beauty products are often quite expensive and some may push us to break the bank. However, did you know that some home beauty remedies are often more effective? Even better is that they are cheap and readily available.

Let’s take a look at some home beauty tips to help fix common everyday beauty issues.

Pink and Luscious Lips

A fast and easy way to instantly look sexy is to have pink lips. One way to achieve this is to buy scrubs or lip balm for preventing the lips from drying out.

But we are all about simple home solutions here and for that, you will need:
• Honey
• Toothpaste and toothbrush

Put honey and toothpaste in a small bowl and mix them then with the help of a toothbrush, apply this on your lips and scrub lightly with the brush.

You should instantly see your lips begin to change and become soft.

Restoring a Young Skin Looking Face

The passing of time causes our skin to age. But what if there was a way to slow down the effects of aging? Luckily there is.

Grapes are known for their anti-aging properties. They also provide antioxidant properties. You will need:
• Grapes
• Olive oil

Take a couple of grapes and carefully peel the skins. Also, remove the seeds. Next, take the grapes and put them in a blender to create a paste.

Take the paste and apply two parts grape paste to one part olive oil. Apply this paste on your face and neck using circular motions to ensure the skin absorbs the paste.

Leave the paste on for 15 to 20 minutes then clean it off with Luke warm water. After several sessions, you will notice that your face feels nourished, moisturised, and soft.

Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are notorious for stealing away your clear skin. But do not despair as we have the perfect solution for those annoying little things.

For this you will need:
• Uncoloured powdered gelatin
• Milk

Mix these and place the mixture inside a microwave to warm for 10 seconds. Next, apply the mask on a clean face. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes to allow it to dry off. Then, peel the mask off and it should come out with the blackheads.

Reducing the Appearance of Stretch Markets

Every woman has had to deal with stretch marks. They often cause us to cover and hide certain areas of our bodies.

However what if there was a way to reduce their appearance?

You will need:
• Gauze
• A potato

Not only do potatoes have soothing properties, they also have antioxidants that help repair cell damage. Simply peel and chop up the potato into small bits. Put the potato through the gauze and then use the starch as a compress on areas with stretch marks.

Broken Nails

Us women pay special attention to our nails. We manicure them and ensure that they look neat and well kept. However, nails can break at the most unexpected times. How do you deal with this?

You will need
• A base coat nail polish
• Regular nail polish
• Teabags
• Topcoat nail polish

Take the tea bag and cut it into a size that is the same as the broken nail. This offers a good layer to strengthen the construction and on which you will apply several layers of nail polish. Once you are done, your nail will look awesome until is time to manicure it again.

Long and Thick Eyelashes

One way of making your eyes stand out is to have long and thick eyelashes. If you have always had small eyelashes and blamed this on your genetics then you are in for a surprise.

You will need:
• Aloe Vera gel
• Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains many essential minerals and vitamins including vitamin E that stimulates hair growth. Aloe Vera also nourishes hair follicles thus stimulating growth. This is what makes the mixture so effective.

Long Silky Hair

Hair is perhaps the ultimate sign of femininity and every woman wants long thick hair. Have you experience hair thinning and hair loss. This is mostly caused by stress, poor diet as well as environmental factors.

Luckily you can have long and thick hair by following a few very simple steps.
You will need:
• 3 onions
• Water

Cut the onions and put them in a blender to come up with a thick paste. Next sieve the paste to get the onion juice. Add a little water and gently apply on your scalp. The Sulphur in the onion will nourish the hair follicles allowing the hair to grow faster and thicker.

Taking Out Excess Hair

We want to boost our feminine features and in no way do we want masculine features such as facial hair. If you have hair on your cheek, this is likely due to heightened testosterone levels. One option of getting rid of hair in unwanted areas includes laser epilation. However, this will cost you a pretty penny.

A more budget-friendly and easier solution is through the use of turmeric. You will need:
• Turmeric
• Water

Simply mix equal parts turmeric and water. Apply the resulting paste on your face. After just a couple of weeks, you will begin to notice that the hair on your face begins to thin out and disappear.

Dry Heels

Dry heels are certainly one of those things that make your feet look neglected. Considering that every woman wants to rock high heels, dry and broken heels are to be prevented at all costs.

Luckily there is an effective way to deal with this. You will need:
• Lemon
• Moisturiser

Cut half a lemon and place it on the cracked heel. Cover this with a sock to keep it in place allowing the effects of the lemon to work their magic for the next 30 minutes. Afterward, apply moisturiser to prevent the skin from drying out.