Many women want to travel around the world and while the idea of adventure is intoxicating, many more fail to commit to their travel plans. One of the main causes is the safety concern.

Women feel vulnerable and rightly so to travel alone. However, I’m here to tell you that as a woman, you can see the world, have your adventures and satisfy your wanderlust all on your own. You just have to keep in mind a few travel tips to help keep you safe wherever you are exploring this awesome green planet.

Let’s find out more.

1. Do Your Research First

Many people especially guys like to pack up their luggage and head out to far off destinations with no plans and an open mind. This, in my opinion, is super risky and exposes you to a whole host of dangers.

Start by researching the best cities, beaches, and activities in a destination. Next, find out about the safest locations where you can find lodging to bed down.

How are the means of travel and do you need to rent a car or a taxi?
Don’t forget to visit a travel clinic to get information on the types of vaccinations that you will require.

What’s more, you also need to research on available health clinics in your destination of choice. In case something happens and you catch an illness you will get treatment fast.

2. Travel Insurance

You can never be too safe and one of the most crucial things to do this is to get travel insurance. In fact, you shouldn’t even travel without it.

Travel insurance will reimburse you in case your luggage gets stolen or lost. Furthermore, you will get security in case you find yourself in the middle of a natural disaster.

3. Travel With Your Valuables Close

First off it’s never a good idea to bring your valuables when traveling. We are talking about things like birth certificates or jewellery with a significant meaning behind them.

That said, when you consider that now people carry DSLR cameras that have expensive lenses, laptops, smartphones, and kindle, then yes, you can think of these as valuables as well.

Never carry such items on your regular backpack. Instead, get a special day bag for them. Since they are expensive, don’t be shy of getting a high-quality bag with top-notch safety features.

And when traveling, don’t put them in the luggage hold on a bus or the checked luggage on a plane. Keep the bag with you at all times.

4. Carry Only What You Need

When you are finally at your destination, and you need to get out and explore, carry only the essential items and enough hard cash. Leave the rest in your hotel room. Many quality hotel rooms around the world have lockers for travellers. Use these!

In case you are in a hotel that doesn’t have any lockers, make sure your property is stored safely in a slash-proof bag and then locked in a sturdy place. Note that this doesn’t guarantee safety especially from a determined thief. However many thieves are opportunistic and don’t want to waste time on hard to steal items for fear of being caught.

5. Do as The Locals Do

The last thing you need when traveling alone is to stand out or look unsure of where you are going. You are likely to draw attention from pickpockets and thieves from all around.

Do your research before traveling to find out what the locals wear. Then shop for similar clothing. This will make you appear like one of the locals.

Secondly when in a country such as Mexico or Africa where your complexion doesn’t blend in with the locals, always walk with purpose to appear confident. In case you run into a bit of harassment, walk straight into a coffee shop, and gather yourself before continuing.

6. Spend More on Safety

Now I know this is not something that many women want to do especially when you consider that the extra cash could go towards having fun. However, remember that you can never be too safe.

For instance, it is much better to take a taxi when trying to get back to your hotel room in the middle of the night than walking back.

Also, choose a hotel situated in a more lively neighbourhood which may cost more than one that is isolated.

7. Do Not Be Too Trusting

As a woman traveling alone, you will be open to meeting new people and having new experiences. However, it is crucial to remain cautious as there are plenty of con artists who specialise in befriending tourists, getting their trust before grabbing the opportunity to steal their stuff, and disappear.

Also, you may meet a guy who is so unbelievably sexy and be tempted to take things fast. It is best to protect yourself and err on the side of caution. Once they have proven their worth, then you can trust them.

8. Do Not Over Drink

It’s hard to imagine traveling without tasting the local booze. However, keep in mind that alcohol dulls your senses and slows down reaction time. As a woman in a foreign destination, you will be vulnerable to conmen and others who want to take advantage. Therefore, drink slowly and responsibly.
Never overindulge. If you notice that you are getting too tipsy, stop and allow enough time for the alcohol to subside.

9. Reach Out to Family and Friends

Always reach out to family and friends regularly and update them on what you have been up to. This will not only inform them that you are safe but they will know when something isn’t right and try and contact you. In the worst-case scenario, they will communicate with local authorities to ensure that you are safe.

10. Always Have a Backup Plan for the Worst

You can never be 100% safe wherever you are. So it’s important to have a backup of the most important documents such as passports and credit cards.
Furthermore, always have spare cash stored neatly in a private spot just in case you lose your purse. Don’t forget to also have a spare credit card. These will cushion you from the blow of using your cash.