Lights. Camera. Canceled: The Fall of Victoria’s Secret & The Rise of All-Inclusive Undergarments

Unrealistic beauty standards. Unreasonably high prices. Ignoring consumer tastes. The secret’s out on Victoria Secrets’ demise, as other intimate and undergarment brands watch and learn exactly what not to do to be successful in their industry…

We’ve all seen the runway shows. You know, the ones with the winged supermodels done up in immaculate makeup, covered in lacy lingerie that shows off their fat free physiques while strutting down the catwalk, fans on the sidelines throwing air at their hair and giving it life…

Either we’re all dreaming, or those women must have been angels, because that type of thing doesn’t happen here on Earth. Fortunately for us humans, we managed to figure out the secret. That secret being that women don’t have to be told what beauty is, and that beauty lies in the uniqueness of each and every one of them.

The gig is finally up, as women refuse to be subjected to Victoria Secret’s unrealistic standards of beauty. Gone are the days where women around the world entertain and fund their beauty oppression by buying overpriced undergarments. Not anymore, especially when there’s brands that are made for the people, by the people, such as Knotty Knickers which is female owned and operated. Did I mention that Victoria’s secret was owned and operated by straight white males? Shocker.

Knotty Knickers is doing their part in keeping it real, casting women of all shapes and sizes for their ads. Stretch marks, pubic hair, splotchy pigmentation… Knotty Knickers features it all in their ads because that’s human, and being human is beautiful. And their customers appreciate it, they have an entire website dedicated just to verified reviews at and the brand feedback speaks for itself.

It’s about being all inclusive, tailoring their brand to the needs and wants of all, not asking the world to tailor themselves to their brand, like our friends over at Vicky Secrets. This is what has led Knotty Knickers to become the number one subscription service in the world. They’re undoubtedly all-inclusive, unlike Victoria’s Secret, who had Edward Razek, the man in charge of casting for their shallow fashions shows, went on record stating that transgender models shouldn’t and won’t be allowed in their fashion shows. Well, it’s 2021, and that type of attitude shouldn’t and won’t be accepted in society any longer.

It’s also important to note that until recently, women were expected to wear cloth wrapped wires that suppress their breathing and pinch the fat on their chest, uncomfortably shaping it to create cleavage, because it’s sexy, but also pay an average of $50 to do so. Every. Single. Day. Let’s not even talk about how uncomfortable the experience was at Victoria Secret while shopping for underwear. Everyone’s hands rummaging through overpriced and revealing lace that was labeled, underwear… Yeah, enough of that mess.

Knotty Knickers founders experienced this themselves and literally credited that experience to them creating a convenient, affordable, and also personalized alternative to undergarment shopping by offering an underwear subscription service. It’s clear that they understand humans just by checking out their website. The interface is simple, easy to use and understand, and wait… they’re only $3.99? Delivered directly to my door? Let me get my credit card…

There’s no secret to Knotty Knickers incredible growth of the past few years. It’s also not surprising that they’re one of the world’s largest subscription services. By creating quality and affordable underwear tailored to any and all women, celebrating their uniqueness and individuality, and not having ties to Jeffrey Epstein like Victoria Secrets CEO Leslie Wexler, Knotty Knickers is the change that the world’s desperately been needing and we’ve never been more appreciative of an undergarment brand.

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