Bean Bag Chairs – Providing Maximum Comfort

A bean bag chair is a large fabric bag filled with beans made of polystyrene. It was designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro. These round balls shaped like bags allow individuals to sit in different positions. Let’s have a look at the various categories and how comfortable these bag-like chairs are.

Types of bean bag chairs

A bean bag chair can be classified or can be differentiated based on a few characteristics such as shape, size, and filling. The following are the types of beanbag chairs based on the characteristics mentioned above. 

Based on shape

  • Round Bean bag chair– almost all bean bag chairs are round. These chairs need a large amount of fabric and they allow the user to sit comfortably in any posture. 
  •  Square chairs – Bean bags are also available in square sizes having defined shapes. They might also have cushions or even armrests attached to them. 
  • Bean bag chairs used for gaming – gamers who want a comfortable sitting prefer bean bag chairs while playing. These chairs also have built-in speakers in them to help gamers have a great experience of gaming. 
  • Large and long bean bags – Large and long bean bag chairs cater to many people at a single time. They also need a large fabric for its manufacturing. 

 Based on sizes

  • Kids size bean bag chairs – These chairs are made especially for kids and have a circumference between 110 to 120 inches. 
  • Bean bag chairs for teens – This category of chairs is made for young adults and has a circumference between 130 to 140 inches. 
  •  Bean bag chairs for adults– Slightly larger bean bag chairs and have a circumference between 140 and 150 inches. 
  • Massive bean bag chairs– massive bean bag chairs are the largest ones and have a circumference of up to 180 inches.

Based on fillings

  • Shredded foam– some bean bags are made of shredded foam which is used for making cushions. 
  • Expanded polypropylene– It is a very powerful material as it gets back to its position even after squeezing it forcefully. 
  • Polystyrene beads – most bean bag chairs are made of this material, and they contain small weeds that can be shifted easily within the bag. 

Benefits of bean bag chair 

  • One of the most important benefits of bean bags is that they improve posture. There is a misconception that only sitting on a hard square chair improves posture, but a bean bag chair also helps improve posture because it supports the whole body, starting from the hips to the neck via the passage of the spinal cord. 
  • Another benefit of a bean bag chair is that it helps the user to sit accordingly in any position, giving the user comfortable seating.
  •  To get relief from shoulder and back pain, bean bag chairs can be one of the best solutions.


There are multiple types of bean bag chairs available on the market to choose from. The only thing to keep in mind is that, although a bean bag chair can help in improving posture, it should be used the correct way.

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