Is Cashmere Hard to Look After?

Cashmere is one of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics you can buy, but many people are afraid to purchase a cashmere sweater because they think it’s too hard to look after. It’s true that cashmere is delicate and requires some special care, but it’s really not very difficult to keep your cashmere in great shape for many years. 

This brief article will explain everything you need to know about caring for your cashmere garments. 

Why is Cashmere so Soft?

If you’ve ever felt a cashmere sweater, you’ve probably noticed just how soft and delicate it is. But how does that happen? There are two main reasons for this, and both of them have to do with the production of the fabric. 

The first reason is that the fibre is harvested from the underbelly of a goat. The scales on the underside of the goat are much thinner than the ones on the top side. Therefore, the underbelly of the goat is the softest part of the animal. 

The second reason is the process of turning the fibre into yarn. When the fibre is knit into a sweater, it’s in its purest form. Therefore, not only is it incredibly soft, but it’s also breathable and warm.

How to Care for Cashmere 

If you’re new to the world of cashmere, one of the biggest mistakes you could make is treating cashmere like other fabrics. While washing isn’t necessary for many other items, it’s a good idea for cashmere sweaters. Why? Washing a cashmere sweater helps to remove pilling from the fabric. 

Pills are bits of fabric that have been created by friction while wearing the sweater. Why is this important? By washing cashmere, you will improve the appearance and feel of the garment. It also ensures that you’re not contributing any wear and tear. 

Another mistake to avoid is keeping your cashmere sweater in a box or a drawer. While it may help to keep it safe from pilling, it’s not the best option for storage. It’s important to air out the garment and allow it to breathe. Otherwise, it can attract dust and other particles that can cling to the fabric and potentially damage it.

Is Washing Cashmere Difficult?

While most cashmere garments can be washed, it’s important to be careful when doing so. The best way to clean a cashmere garment is by hand washing it in cool water and using a gentle detergent. There are also some great cashmere care products that can help you extend the life of your garments, and they are well worth the money. 

While some people may be afraid to wash their cashmere because they think it’s fragile and easily broken, that’s simply not the case. If you take the time to wash your cashmere garments the right way and with the right products, they can last a very long time.

Tips to Make Cashmere Last Longer

To get the most out of your cashmere garments, you’ll want to take a few extra steps to keep them in great condition. First, you should always store cashmere in an open space. Keeping it in an area that’s not climate-controlled can cause it to become musty and attract dust and debris. 

Also, you should be careful to avoid wearing your cashmere garments when you’re washing dishes or cleaning the house. Finally, make sure that you always wash your cashmere garments in cold water and with mild detergent, and whatever you do, avoid using fabric softeners.


Cashmere is a beautiful fabric that, when cared for properly, can last for many years. If you’re worried that cashmere is too high-maintenance, don’t be. It’s true that cashmere is delicate and needs to be washed properly, but when you do so, you can expect your cashmere garments to stay soft and last a long time.

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