Food essentials to get the perfect bridal glow

Most girls dream of their wedding day and becoming a bride since their childhood. It’s one of the most essential days of her life, with all the eyes on her from start to end. While the jewelry, makeup, and trousseau can be planned out to the finest detail, healthy and glowing skin will be the cherry on the cake!

Happy & glowing skin for one of the most precious days of your life cannot be achieved overnight. So, you have to start working on it way before your day.

Your big day is arriving in the near future and if you are wondering what you need to do to get glowing skin, then we’ve got you covered! Healthier people usually have healthier skin and hair too.

While it’s usually common for brides to go on a diet before their wedding but sometimes, without professional consultancy, the diet can also harm their skin and health.

Finding a good bridal make-up artist in Bangalore can be a tedious job but if you start taking care of your skin and book a professional makeup artist, you are all set to glow at your wedding.

To achieve radiant glowing clear skin, one must remember that it starts from within and one has to maintain a good lifestyle to achieve it.

So, let’s talk about the foods to avoid & to add to a daily routine before your Big Day:

  • The food which has a lot of sugar content: One should avoid bakery products like doughnuts, puffs, biscuits, or the more commonly eaten cookies and cakes.
  • Extremely oily or high-fat food: Naturally occurring fats in nuts, fruits, dairy, etc. are good for your health & skin and provide us with the nutrition we need. However, deep-fried food and extremely oily food are the most common skin aggravators which can make you feel bloated. Try limiting food with excess fat to once a week.
  • Avoid the intake of supplements: Avoid trying supplements or new products before your big day without professional consultation as it can lead to an allergic reaction and breakout, which can take time to heal.
  • Go for fresh fruits & vegetables: You should try to include all the seasonal vegetables and aim for at least 2 portions for fruits and 2 portions of vegetables a day to see significant changes.
  • Proteins & Probiotics: Proteins are the building blocks of life required for cell regeneration and repair. You must ensure to add protein to all your meals be it, legumes, beans, dairy, soya, meat, or curd.

Our inner & outer health is directly related to our gut health. Adding probiotics like curd to your daily diet can improve your health inside out.

Apart from the above, getting sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours is very essential.  It can help to prevent dark circles and make your skin look fresh & glowy. Also, daily exercising can boost your skin health.

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