What is a Ditsy Dress?

Every now and again, clothes manufacturers and retailers come up with a description that can leave us stumped. If you’re wondering what a ditsy dress is, rest assured that you’re probably not alone!

Google the word ‘ditsy’, and you’ll likely be left scratching your head further. Dictionaries define ditsy as meaning a ‘silly or scatter-brained’ person, and it’s a negative term. But what about when it’s used in the context of clothing? What is a ditsy dress exactly?

Well, if one thing’s for sure, you’re bound to be seeing this dainty, feminine print everywhere you go as the warmer weather arrives. So, why not join us in understanding what a ditsy dress is?

What exactly is a ditsy dress?

When you see a ‘ditsy dress’, that mysterious word isn’t talking about the shape, cut or fit of the fabric. Actually, a ditsy dress is a dress that has been designed with a small-scale print, which may or may not be a repeating pattern. This is known as a ditsy print so technically, you could have a ditsy shirt, blouse or cardigan! It’s a timeless classic that dates back as far as the 1920s, when manufacturers found these fabrics to very popular, while also being inexpensive to mass produce.

Flowers are a popular choice for ditsy dresses, and their placement is typically random and scattered across the fabric, hence the name. This affords a non-linear, non-geometric look. It’s also common for the pattern to be varied in orientation too. That is, if you have a ditsy dress using a flower print, the flowers will often be facing in multiple directions. But ditsy dresses aren’t limited to floral designs. They’re probably the garment that you’ve seen most often, but the print could also be made up of tiny polka dots, leaves, features and so on.

Up close, the pattern is distinguishable, but from a distance, ditsy dresses can appear to be a single block colour, as the minute elements of the pattern appear to blend together.

Today, these prints are still enormously popular, just like they were in the roaring twenties. Throughout the past couple of years, we’ve seen ditsy floral dresses featuring in industry events, including APC, Chloe, and Giambattista Valli. And as sustainable clothing becomes more in-demand, manufacturers are starting to produce sustainable dresses with some stunning, timeless designs.

Hopefully, you now understand what a ditsy print or ditsy dress is and why they’re so popular in the bright, summer months. Keep up with our blog for more fashion tips and advice!

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