5 Common Blinds You Can Afford On A Budget

Blinds have the function of covering a window to control the lighting of a room. They’re available in various styles and designs that can suit your home. The cost of window blinds is not very high, and these can be bought at a reasonable price from any good quality outlet. There are various types of window blinds that use multiple control systems, such as opening and closing, tilt, pull, level, light direction, and many other options. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Window Blinds 

Choosing the right type and size of window blinds for your room is an important choice that will affect many facets of your interior decor. You need to make sure you have the perfect fit to have consistency and cohesion in any room you want to install the blinds in.  

The options range from basic and simple fabric choices to elegant aluminum and intricately decorated window treatments and shades. You should also consider the amount of light available in your area and how much privacy you desire.  

If you live in an area where privacy is not an issue, you’ll have no problems finding blinds that will perfectly suit your needs. But, if you are concerned about the amount of light that can flood into your rooms or simply want to create an environment that is as dark as possible, you should consider going with a darker shade of window treatment. 

It would be best if you also consider how to clean and care for your window blinds. Window blinds can also capture dust and dirt over time, so you need to think about each type’s cleaning requirements. Wooden blinds would require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep a good appearance and to make them last longer.  

Price Comparison  

When looking for blinds that won’t break the bank and are easy to install, you might want to look into perfect fit blinds. These blinds come in different styles like vertical, roller, and Venetian. These blinds are also relatively easy to install as they simply fit your existing window frame. Some blinds are battery-operated, so you can adjust them easily according to the height you want.  

Below is the price range of some of the budget-friendly window blinds:  

Blind Type Price Range
Vertical Blinds £28.76 – £ 38.61
Roller Blinds £ 28.73 – £ 42.28
Venetian Blinds £ 34.63 – £ 53.16
Blackout Blinds £ 33.78 – £ 59.75
Roman Blinds £ 143.83 – £ 221.31
  • Vertical Blinds 

A vertical blind is an ideal type of window coverings for those who want to control how much light enters or leaves a room. This type of blinds can also help block out the sun, helping you save on electricity costs. Vertical blinds are great options for patio doors or on windows where you open the blinds from the center. These vertical blinds hang like curtains, so you can place them over the doorway of the kitchen.  

  • Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds are relatively simple yet offer a wide range of benefits for the homeowner. Unlike curtains, blinds do not have to be pulled or opened to let the light in. They work with a system of pulleys and cords that make them easy to open and close. There are also several different types of roller blinds that use various mechanisms to raise and lower the slats. The most common type of roller blinds is made from fabric or wood. 

  • Venetian Blinds 

Venetian blinds can fit most windows of any size and even come in custom shapes. Several other types of window coverings use different types of control systems. 

Venetian blinds consist of individual slats that overlap. They’re hung from a center post on each side and have cords that run between them. These cords are also weighted to give the slats some hanging tension. When you open your window, these cords will pull the slats to the side as the weight pulls the blinds to the center. This creates an evenly spaced blackout for your windows. 

  • Blackout Roller Blinds 

Blackout roller blinds are perfect for the bedroom and excellent for people who sleep during the day. It’s also an excellent option for rooms that face the street as street lights can also be annoying when you sleep. Blackout roller blinds have thicker fabric, so rays from outside are blocked. This makes it slightly expensive compared with regular roller blinds.  

  • Roman Blinds 

Using Roman blinds is very practical as these do not let strong sunlight enter your home; therefore, you can keep your rooms at a nice temperature. If you’re interested in purchasing some cheap, durable, and stylish blinds that will add elegance to your windows, you should consider purchasing pure silk Roman blinds. 

In addition to being extremely soft and light, Roman blinds can absorb large amounts of moisture and prevent mildew from occurring on the surface. This way, you can easily wipe down the Roman blinds once in a while with a damp cloth. 

If you’re looking for options to protect your room from harsh heat or some dangers of winter, you can choose insulating window blinds. These are much more expensive than those on the list, but also worth the investment.

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the different types of window blinds available in the market today. You have a lot of options when it comes to fabric, slats, and cords. 

With that, when choosing window blinds, you should also consider how you can benefit from them in the long term.  

If you’re looking for blinds that provide just enough shade for the room without compromising style, the budget-friendly options are for you. Finally, always make sure that your blinds are the perfect fit for your window frame.  

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