Unique Bar Experiences in London

London is your go-to city for travel and merry. During the day, it is busy at work. When night crops in, the city livens up. Highlighted below are five unique bars located in London. Strap your seatbelt and enjoy the ride down the nightlife of London.

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

This bar is a detective’s den, from the outlay to the menu. If you have any urgent cases, you can make an appointment to talk to a detective. It’s location, at 310c Earls Court Road, is prime for the residents of west London. This bar has a door with a doorbell that opens to the detective’s office. The menu is vast and ideal for solving the many bounty, bootlegger and moonshiner cases. You can pop in on a Saturday for the Saturday Prohibition brunch. You can also pre-buy to get a 50% bill discount.

Four Thieves

Four Thieves is ideal for Londoners who love indoor pub-sports. You can pick from the vast selection of arcade games. You can as well play darts, table tennis or join the explorers at the VR corner. The prime of your sports experience kicks in when you compete with others on the multiplayer racetrack. You can start your Saturday with a delicious bottomless brunch. Pop in on Tuesday evening for a puzzling pub quiz where you stand to win a prize of 50 pounds.

Vaulty Towers

Vaulty Towers has a mystical outlook that changes now and then. This bar is suitable for people who want to unwind from a day or week’s stress. You can check in on a Sunday to jam with Jim Mercer and friends. You can pop in on a weekday for life drawing and save your Monday evenings for a pub quiz. Dine on the delicious food and drink delicacies as you watch the performances and events at the Vaulty Towers basement.


Cahoots is located underground at Kingly Court, Carnaby, London. This bar takes you back to 1940 when elevators were wooden, and cocktails were served in milk bottles and cans. Pop in to have a vintage experience. Reserve your Saturdays for the “Squiffy Picnic”, where the experienced team of Cahoots will serve you cocktails with sausage rolls and sandwiches. You can drop in on a weekday evening to sing along the swinging tunes performed by The Hotsie Totsie and many other musicians and bands.


Swingers is a bar for West End and City Londoners who love to party and have fun. The adept cooks and mixologist will serve you and your friends their favourite street delicacies and cocktails. Once you finish dining, you can proceed to the golfing zone to play crazy golf. Choose one of the nine crazy golf courses, and compete with your work colleagues and friends. Swinger’s atmosphere is ideal for social and business events, whether work parties, birthdays, or graduations. Sit back, and watch as your colleagues, the ones you thought are introverted and dull, go all out to have fun.


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