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How To: Planning an Intimate Baby Shower

Since the pandemic, celebrations have looked a lot different. More and more families and loved ones are opting to celebrate in a more intimate way, creating smaller versions of the big parties they would have had pre-Covid. Whether it’s an elopement instead of a big wedding, drive-by birthday parties instead of a full house, or an intimate baby shower for the safety of the mom-to-be, just because you don’t have a room packed with people doesn’t mean the big day can’t be as big as ever. Intimate gatherings at home create some of the best memories and turn out just as beautiful as any other if planned right. Here are a few tips to plan a memorable baby shower with loved ones at home.


If you don’t have a clue on how to set up a gorgeous table setting, don’t worry because professionals can do this for you. If you have the budget, it is suggested that you meet with an event planner. The best part about having the celebration at home is that it won’t cost as much to hire this kind of help. They can help with table settings, the menu, backdrops, florals and other decorations you have in mind. However, if you don’t have the budget, you can DIY the celebration. By looking at Pinterest and Instagram, you can get ideas and even instructions on how to set up the focal point, which is the table. Table linens at August Table are a great place to start since they have tablecloths and linen napkins in beautiful subtle patterns. These styles allow you to use different elements that won’t clash when you build on them to create the perfect setting to enjoy your meal.


Using baby gifts as decorations isn’t just smart, it’s very convenient and can help you save on unnecessary costs of other decorations. For example, a diaper cake made from Baby Tula swaddle blankets and other accessories may be used as a centerpiece for the buffet or gift table. At the same time, it is a gift for mom and baby to take home after their big day. Another great idea would be leather diaper bags at Azaria filled knickknacks that every diaper bag needs topped off with a plush animal and blanket.

Since it’s all about the Instagram pictures these days, setting up a proper backdrop is a must. Backdrops such as lit-up four-foot letters can be rented out, balloon garlands can be made at home or by professionals, and even artificial hedges to decorate can be rented out. Make sure you place it near good lighting so your pictures turn out the best.


Who says you can’t dress up with all of the sparkle that comes from a Gala-like party? Just because you’re in the comfort of home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up. This should be a reason to have everyone look their best. If you have a theme, choose the attire that best represents the theme. This is also a great excuse to buy that dress you’ve been eyeing but have nowhere to go. The soon-to-be mom will also enjoy getting all dolled up and glam for her special day.

You may want to think about hiring a professional photographer so that you don’t have to worry about capturing each moment and instead can enjoy the festivities. In an intimate setting such as a home, photographers wouldn’t charge as much as they would if they were  at a large party in a venue. The less people to photograph, the better it is on your wallet. Another great thing about intimate celebrations at-home is that only the closest friends and family get to be invited. This makes the occasion even more exclusive and special, which, in the end, a room filled with loved ones is all you really need.

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