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35 Useful Purse Essentials to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you’re in college, work or travelling back and forth, having the the most useful purse essentials will make your life a lot easier!

From handy bobby pins, to emergency sanitary products, our guide to what’s in my purse has got you covered, so you never forget to bring the best must haves in your purse.

Check out our helpful list of 35 purse essentials…

Purse Essentials

1) Make Up wipes

You’d be surprised how many times make up wipes come in handy once you start carrying them! Apart from proving useful when eye make up smudges, they’re also great for freshening up after a long train or plane journey.

2) Concealer

purse essentials

A good concealer is a must for ladies who are on the go. Sometimes you just need that little top up throughout the day to brighten up your complexion and disguise any dark eye circles that are lingering.

3) Bobby pins/scrunchies

How many times have you reached into your purse for a clip or scrunchie and been disappointed to find there isn’t one? Bobby pins and scrunchies are one of our top purse essentials, especially on days when the weather leaves us a little windswept.

4) A biro pen

One of the most timeless purse essentials is a good old fashioned pen. The number of times you’re asked if you have a pen by a colleague, or end up needing one while you’re out and about will surprise you when you have one!

5) Diary or notepad

If your purse is fairly sizeable, it’s well worth carrying a small diary or notepad, especially if you’re off to work or you’ll be travelling throughout the day. This handy addition to your purse will ensure that you always feel organised.

6) Tissues

This one is simple; you never know when you’re going to need a tissue! Friends and colleagues will also thank you for this handy purse essential when they’re in need of one.

7) Phone cable or charger

Carrying a spare charging cable for your phone or buying an affordable portable phone charger is one of the best purse essentials to have. Perfect for ladies with longer commutes or jobs that drain your phone battery usage throughout the day.


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8) Lip balm

Another classic on our list of purse essentials! You’ll never regret having lip balm in your bag, especially during the colder months of the year.

9) Mints

Ideal if you’ve got a long day ahead of you and will be eating multiple meals before you get a chance to brush your teeth again.

10) Floss

Sometimes mints just don’t cut it, and that’s where a handy mini packet of floss will save the day. The perfect way to feel refreshed after lunch.

11) A wallet

An obvious one, but a sizeable wallet is one of our must have purse essentials, ideally with compartments for your card, ID and any other bits and pieces you might carry.

12) Sunglasses

One of our go-to purse essentials in the summer, sunglasses are easy to forget to add to your bag in the morning, but you’ll be glad you did when the afternoon rays come out.

13) Water bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. We recommend having a reusable water bottle in your bag wherever you go – buying plastic water bottles every day adds up for both your bank account and the environment!

14) Make up bag

Nobody wants to open their bag and discover their setting powder or foundation has exploded everywhere. A secure make up bag is the most practical way to carry your make up must haves.

15) Blusher

One of our go-to purse essentials is a blusher that will bring a touch of brightness and colour to your look. The ultimate way to enhance your natural features.

16) Headphones

If you’re someone who loves to liven up your day with a podcast or music, headphones should definitely be on your list of purse essentials! This is one of our personal must haves for a day of commuting back and forth.

17) Mascara

Mascara is a must for packing purse essentials. This go-to make up product is all you need to enhance your eyes and add some glamour to your everyday look.


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18) Book

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The next on our list of purse essentials is a must for those who enjoy reading. Bringing a book in your bag will offer a refreshing alternative to scrolling through social media when you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

19) A snack

Enough said. Nobody is ever disappointed to find a snack in their purse!

20) Keys

Everybody’s purse essential, don’t forget to keep your keys nice and safe in your bag.

21) Deodorant

Bring deodorant in your bag and you’ll never have to worry about your morning roll of deodorant running out on a busy day.

22) Perfume

Freshen up with some fragrance! We recommend investing in a portable mini perfume bottle to add to your purse essentials, the ultimate travel-size item.

23) Hand cream

Some purse essentials stand the test of time, and you’d always find a soothing hand cream in our list of what’s in my purse.

24) Sanitary products

It’s handy to always have a few sanitary products in your handbag. This is another purse essential that you’ll always be grateful you packed when you need them!

25) Lipstick

purse essentials

One of our favourite purse essentials is a lipstick that will take your look from day to night. Whether it’s a bold red or a subtle nude, a matte lipstick is the perfect way to go from fresh faced in the morning to sophisticated in the evening.

26) Cleanser

The next on our list of purse essentials is a small cleanser. This is an absolute must for travelling or going abroad. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your favourite cleanser and knowing your skin will break out.

27) Hair brush

A definite purse essential!

28) Face pack

A face pack may not be the most obvious of purse essentials, but you’ll thank yourself later if you’re going on a train journey or have a long flight. What better way to feel refreshed and relaxed?

29) Reusable coffee cup

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The next item on our list of purse essentials is something we hope you’ll see more and more on ‘what’s in my purse’ articles and videos! A reusable coffee cup is a must for ladies who are trying to be kinder to the environment.

30) Pain relief tablets

For when you just can’t shake that headache or have stomach cramps.

31) Dry Shampoo

Oh the joys of dry shampoo! This life saver had to be on our list of purse essentials, especially for when you’re going away for a night and might not have a chance to wash your hair.

32) Something special

Whether it’s a photograph of someone you love, or a reminder of a special holiday, why not add something personal to your purse essentials? A simple way to make yourself smile throughout the day.


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33) Hand sanitiser

Keep the bugs at bay with hand sanitiser, ideal for if you’re out and about and likely to pick up germs.

34) Plasters

You never know when your new shoes might start rubbing!

35) Umbrella

Because if like us, you live somewhere rainy, it’s better to be prepared!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best purse essentials!

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